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Ilonka Sep 3
in the cold summer nights of Iceland
I want to sing you a ***** lullaby
and fall in lust when you don’t expect,
pull you closer and feel not only your skin
feel you as you are,
let’s stop being angry all the time
there is so much that we can’t change,
but maybe the little left is a good start...

I want to show you the stillness of nature,
the power of silence, the whispers of now
the cold weather awakens my mind,
I step on cooled lava fields
that deep down await to immerse in change once more,
black sand beaches scream in colors I love you,
waterfalls everywhere remind me how heaven looked once
and green grass is my only witness that I exist, and that this is not a dream I am dreaming
Iceland might be cold, but I never felt so much warmth in my soul!
Ilonka Jun 24
I want to go there where the paths end
where I can touch the sky,
the shadow of a grown oak from old ages to be my home and its branches to be my roof,
silence to be my friend when loneliness becomes hostile
and the twilight wind to comfort my body when I feel this ridiculous longing for you...

I want to go where I can be alone with the sea the blue infinity to breathe in, to feel it even in my bones,
I want to cool down on black lava rocks grown from the sea
thirsty waves to kiss me in live rhythms that I receive with sweet smiles lost in infinity ...

I want to go there in empty deserts
where the brass light does not spare any thoughts
melting small, dark minds already darkened by our master
that leads our lives with ego and pride ...

I want to go where the face of the night smiles at me a
nd darkness accepts me as a child of his own,
there in the moon's web to fall asleep undisturbed
caught in a dream to swim with dancing stars in the waltz of the infinite cosmos.
Ilonka Apr 30
Let the rain make love to you
Let every drop kiss your skin
A g a i n   a n d   a g a i n  
a  n  d    a  g  a  i  n  .  .  .
Fill your deserted soul with pureness
Embrace the symphony written only for you
Let go of everything
Just feel the rain.
  Apr 28 Ilonka
Only if you knew…
How it bleeds inside
The baby born of blood and flesh
Just a hideous beast ruined by time.
Single dame- thousand names
Only if you knew,
How the ice burns my throat
How the wills and wants went cold…

Only if I knew,
What the skies hold for me
I didn’t touch the blade,
But the stains don’t fade away..
Why the contrition of yesterday
Still ****** my soul’s edges
Why the sweet reminiscences,
Still a gloomy haze?
Why the memoirs of divinity
Have turned in immoral disgrace?
Why the reaper can’t sing in its solace?
Thee heart keep running but lost in its pace
Why each passing moment moans for the albatross?

Only if we knew…
The curiosities of life
And anxieties open and wide
Don’t stop the eyes
Now open and searching life
Taking my chances,
Hiding my grievances
I risk the curve
Once was jilted and deserted from love
I bask in the glow, soak in the sun
Step out of the low
The Satan takes no pity
Leaves the beast with an impaired heart
Now the eyes are shut, the dark creeps in
The clouds come and lo! they win
The stars now astray in a veiled sky
Feeble and faint
Again leave the beast forsaken
But animal instincts they call it
It strives again..
Only if you knew…
Ilonka Apr 27
People are so disconnected from each other, that when they read or hear an honest phrase, they call it poetry.
Another thought.
Ilonka Apr 27
Imagine that you are always on the road and never get home. That's how we live our lives. Enlightenment is finally finding home.
A thought
Ilonka Apr 27
I divide the sky into pieces
and I get my piece of blue
when the sun is crying that he can not see you,
a sheaf of unrelenting reveries
driven by my anxious soul
stop on my warm lips,
await your crying call
that is lost at the gate of my loneliness,
the yellow tulip from my glass vase
is wondering where the ants are that were keeping her company
in the garden where she lived her childhood,
the present becomes suffocating,
I prefer to escape again in vivid dreams,
spring kisses my cheeks
I am sinking in lust again
my eyes seek the love of dandelions,
I am flirting with the darkness that floods my room
and ****** my naked body,
my nightgown looks for the lost buttons,
ripped away by the craving of the stars...
my heart dances in the ocean of heavens
drops of love are falling
in a sublte way perceived only by me.
I love to dream with my eyes open:)
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