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Kewayne Wadley Jan 2020
I think I am falling but don't really know
how to vocalize it.
I think I am falling like the shirt that reveals your shoulder.
I've revealed parts of myself no one knows.
A thin layer exposing true desire.
Opposed to you picking out something to wear,
even if it's just to take right back off.
I've given your face my stare to do with what you please.
My stare trailing your eyes, your nose.
I've ordered from the menu of your lips, casually staring
spending time with you.
I think I am falling, becoming more envious of the shirt
that hangs from your shoulder,
How I'd love to trade places. Being that much closer to you.
To your heart. At arms reach whenever you'd prefer.
To match your shoes, your purse.
Or just when you need comfort.
I think I am falling.
I think I have fallen with no place to land but on top of you
in seasonal bliss.
To be stretched & worn at least one day out the week.
My lips a loose fitting collar sliding kisses between your shoulder,
your collar bone.
I think I've fallen & can't pick myself up
I think I've fallen over you
Kewayne Wadley May 2018
I needed this so much.
A little alone time.
Designer jeans.
T-shirts printed with out the blue sayings.
A moment to ourselves home alone.
Wasting time just you & I.
Causally stretched across each other on the couch.
Commercials filled with Wal-mart families.
Insurance companies. Lawsuit claims.
Your sugar fills the space between shows.
Your head leaned back on my chest.

Neck twisted in a kiss.
The TV more so watching us.
The wait of working all week for this moment of relaxation.

The anticipation of butterflies, late night texts. 
The vintage shows we grew up watching, still our favorite.
I really missed you.
Your shoulder my favorite pillow.
The extended twenty-first question of our 21 Questions.
Sitting here with you.
Soon to fall asleep with you in my arms.
To wake up and do the same exact same thing.

To let you know that I made it home safe

— The End —