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Bardo Jul 2023
Finding little Beauty in his world he thought
Like Jason and the Argonauts

"I'll build myself a mighty Ship with words
And out of the best parts of myself select a Crew

Then we'll set sail on the Seas of Rhyme
To the Ends of the Earth if need be

We'll bring back Beauty's Crown
To heal ourselves... and the world too".
Vladimir Lionter May 2020
There is no more first- class lady than Sally in
“The third watch”, the actor Sudduth (1)
Didn’t let one down, Daniel (2) and Bosco (3) at once if
You like they are ready to be in SWAT!
And now about the Police of Chicago—
How charismatic is Henry Voight (4),
As I see it the film is the super- saga,
Leroy (5), Dawson, Olinsky, Atwater (6)
Lived in this state, I’ll admire as Kevin: “Yow, Bro!”
This film is more smart than “Harry Potter”,
Kim and Erin (7)  are better than Monroe (8).  
“Southland” is also full of copes
They would serve as examples to ours
(This film placed itself at the head of TOPs):
Shawn, Regina, Lucy, Salinger—at last.

(1) Skipp Sudduth (born in 1956)
(2) Coby Bell (born in 1975) acts Davis in the serial “The third watch”.
(3) Jason Wiles takes Davis’ part.
(4) The actor Jason Bex in  Henry’s role.
(5) Leroy Brown is from Croce’s song “Bad, bad  Leroy Brown”.
(6) John Seda (born in 1970) is in Antonio Dawson’s role; Elias Koteas is in Elwin Olinsky’s role and La Royce Hawkins (born in 1988) is in Kevin Atwater’s role.
(7) Marina Squerciati (born in 1984) is in  Kim Burgess’ role and Sophia Bush (born in 1984) is in Erin Lindsay’s role.
(8) Marilyn Monroe (1926- 1962).
(9) Shawn Hatosy (born in 1975) is in the detective Sammy’s role, Regina King (born in 1971) is in Lydia Adams’ role, Luci Liu (born in 1968) is in  the  role of the policewoman Jessica and Michael MacGrady (born in 1960) is in Daniel Salinger’s role.

* * *
Посвящается актёрам сериалов
«Третья смена», «Южная
территория», «Полиция Чикаго»
Нет класснее Салли в «Третьей смене» –
Ведь не подкачал актёр Саддат(1)!
Дэвиса(2) и Боско(3) не заменят –
Хоть сейчас они готовы в SWAT!
А теперь – к «Полиции Чикаго» –
Как харизматичен Генри Войт(4)!
Этот фильм, по-моему, супер-сага:
В этом штате в песне жил Лерой(5)!
Доусон, Олински и Этуотер(6) –
Восхищусь как Кевин: «Йоу, Бро!» –
Лучше этот фильм, чем «Гарри Поттер»,
Ким и Эрин(7) круче, чем Монро(8)!
В «Саутленде» тоже много копов,
Кто пошли бы нынешним в пример
(Этот фильм возглавил списки ТОПов):
Шон, Реджина, Люси, Салингер(9)!

1.Скипп Саддат (р. 1956);
2. Роль Дэвиса в сериале «Третья смена» исполняет Коби Белл
(р. 1975);
3. Роль патрульного Боско играет Джейсон Уайлз (р. 1970);
4. Роль Генри «Хэнка» Войта исполняет актёр Джейсон Бех (р.
5. Лерой Браун из песни Джима Крока «Bad, Bad Leroy Brown»;
6. Джон Седа (р. 1970) в роли Антонио Доусона, Элиас Котеас
(р. 1961) в роли Элвина Олински и Ларойс Хоукинс (р. 1988) в роли
Кевина Этуотера;
7. Марина Скверсьяти (р. 1984) в роли Ким Бёрджес и София
Буш (р. 1984) в роли Эрин Линдсей;
8. Мэрилин Монро (1926 – 1962 гг.);
9. Шон Хэтоси (р. 1975) в роли детектива Сэмми, Реджина Кинг
(р. 1971) в роли Лидии Адамс, Люси Лью (р. 1968) в роли полицейского
Джессики и Майкл МакГрэйди (р. 1960) в роли Дэниэла Салингера.
Dedicated to the actors of the TV series
«Third Watch», «Southland», «Chicago P.D.»
Arcassin B Oct 2018
By Arcassin Burnham

Soul Demented , loyal replenish,
In a sea of sharks,
Dogs and cats and bats will get in the way of my heart,
And that is to see all that has been made crash and burn,
I am destined for this purpose, calling to my worth,

Do you wanna see the world burn like I do?
Make families perish into ash like I do?
Put smiles on everyone's face like I do?
Or get revenge on the man who abandons you,
Smiles , smiles , smiles makes the planet die off.
Smiles , smiles , smiles makes the planet die off.

Jason , Jason , don't you think the old man would have noticed
that his second bird is about to his get his wings cut off?
Jason , Jason , your mom went to great lengths just to get you
to me , just let the trust thing rub off,
Like the bones off your flesh when I wail on you with this crowbar
making a ****** mess on the floor, the one that I just mopped,
He'll never find his bird locked in cage , my old distant frienemy,
I wish I could do this to all my enemies.
This is the last thing I'll ever write about you, as it's just time to let you go.

I wish I could have known you in another life.
Where you never hurt the people that love you the most.

I wish I could have known you in another life, where you didn't allow your own inner turmoil and pain dictate and rule your life.

I wish I'd known you in another life.
A life where, when you were, incapable of loving yourself.
You'd let me shower you with my love instead.
A place where my love would have been enough.

I wish I had known you in another life.
Where you really loved me as your wife.
A place where I would have been able to tell you,

You were simply it for me.

And if I had known you in another life,
My heaven would be to spend the Rest of my days,
Loving you, giving you, what you think you don't deserve.
Life is cruel, it can be unforgiving, cold and mean, and so can the love of your life.
And when you realize why it could never be, take the love you have and lock it all away with a the key.
Phoenix Dec 2015
On my way
       to recovery
              I hit bumps
                     I crossed chasms
                           I defeated my monsters
                     as they defeated me
       I took two steps forward
and three steps back
       but recovery isn't always positive.
                            I have spent my fair share
                                                              of crying
                                                   of drinking
                                                          of hating
                                                               Hating me
                                                 Hating my family
                                    Hating my decisions
                   but I can see the finish line
        There is just one more leap
             but it is my biggest.
                   Apologizing and forgiving
                                    I hope that one day
                                    I can do just that.
                      But until then,
I will take a water break.
Okay, this was too fun.
I just want to say: Mom, I am sorry for all the hell I have put you through and the hell that I will put you through. I love you so much.
Jason, I want to forgive, but I will never forget what has happened. I hope we can still be friends. I will never be your daughter again though. Too much has happened. But I want you walking down the isle with me. I want you to meet my boyfriend, be a grandpa and be like a dad. What you did was not being a dad. That was a monster and I know you are better than that.
Okay, now that that is over (urg) the prompt was Trails and Paths. Think about trails and paths, real and/or imagined that you have traveled or would like to travel. Imagine those trails that loom large – the Pacific Crest Trail, the Appalachian Trail, the Camino, and imagine those that loom close and personal – a path to recovery, a path to a career goal, a path to a poem, a path toward…whatever we all take paths toward. Write a poem. If you’d like a parameter, make your poem look path-like – a few words on each line perhaps; a long, skinny poem perhaps; playing with spacing
silas Aug 2015
your last relationship took you three years to get over
and you said, when we broke up,
that you're ready for another three, because of me

i wish i could've believed you,
to think that i actually mattered,
but of course, as it always turns out, i never do, do i?

don't ******* tell me you miss me,
don't tell me you're hurting,
don't tell me you wish things were different.

because i know you don't,
and you will never mean anything you said.

my tears will dry eventually,
my heart will stop aching one day
17th of august, 2015
i saw him with another girl and everything started hurting again
metztli hdz Jul 2015
Me gustaría verme ante tus ojos, no a través de ellos…
Siempre es peligroso verse reflejado en pupilas llenas de vida.

Creo fervientemente que Medea nunca pensó en la percepción de Jasón,
De la misma manera en que a Medusa jamás cavilo el posible último pensamiento de Perseo,
Pero ambas fueron presa de la excitación que produce encontrarse bella y entera.
Cuando tus faltas se encuentran a la vista de todos, es difícil no ser consciente de que el castigo de los dioses se encuentra en la transfiguración de lo que yace dentro;
cada cabello poseía voluntad propia, esencia que explota ante la contemplación.
Los dioses son crueles y los héroes eternos,

Aunque ya todos conocemos como termina la historia, no dejo de pensar que lo que Atena porta con orgullo es el más bello relato de amor;
El cuento del ser humano que se encontró a sí mismo en la imagen pétrea del presente, no en el recuerdo del pasado atesorado ni en el ente que vive en la percepción de los demás…

A lo que quiero llegar, es que de la misma manera te amé, aunque en el momento no tuve las palabras precisas ni el valor para decirlo … pero chance a estas alturas del partido Esteno este orgullosa de mi
silas May 2015
they weren't wrong when they said
nothing lasts forever.
you promised me forever,
and left your empty promise at the bottom of the ocean
with the rest of the decaying memories from my head.

how gullible i was to think things would work out.

happiness doesn't come easy.
the hollow ache in the pit of my stomach will never go away.
these are just things we learn to accept in our lives and move on.

why do i still miss you?
for jason. i ******* hate you, yet i still love you and that's what hurts
The Cripple May 2015
Shantaigh siad a bheith
Chomth grámhar is Méidé agus a hIonsáin
Shantaigh siad a bheith chomth cáilúla is Didió agus Aeinéas.
Chomth torthúil is Iocasta agus Éideapús
Bhog siad le chéile

Ach ansin tháinig   na troideanna  
Agus bhi siad chomth trodach is Alastair agus a namhaid Dáirias.
Scar siad.
Agus nil aon chór thart.
Bhuel, sin é an scéal, nach ea?
Oh, classical studies. How f*cked up you are.
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