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Ashwin Kumar Apr 4
Thirty two years and counting
I haven't found true love yet
And I am not considering unrequited love
I've been there twice
The first occasion was during my MBA
To cut a long story short
I simply couldn't pluck up the courage
To tell her how I felt
When I eventually managed to do it
It turned out to be a case of locking the stable
After the horse had well and truly bolted
The second occasion was an arranged marriage
Where the engagement brought us closer to each other
Or at least, I thought so
But the issue was, the girl didn't
And the pandemic pulled us apart
Metaphorically as well as physically
Thus, that didn't end well either
Now that I am single again
Thanks to this amazing human invention called "divorce"
The hunt for true love continues
Before we proceed further, though
Let me get this off my chest
I am a work in progress, not a finished product
And I have my flaws
But then, we all know the saying
Nobody is perfect
Everybody has some flaw or the other
In fact, it is these flaws
That separates us human beings from robots
Which are equally intelligent as we are, if not more
But I am going off-track
The point is, I need someone who loves me as I am
Of course, it works both ways
If I love someone with all my heart
I would do anything for her
I mean, anything that comes within the definition of "ethical"
And I wouldn't want her to change one bit
I mean, as far as her character is concerned
Now that we are all on the same page
It is time for me
To resume the hunt for true love
Of course, we all may have our expectations
But I ask for only two things
Unwavering loyalty and trust
And accepting me as as I am
With all my flaws
And when I do fall in love
I hope and pray
That it is reciprocated, for a change
Sayuri143 Jul 2021
I am in a middle of a war,
Between myself and my sanity,
Between all hate and anxiety,
In a hushed war that hides a scar.

Away from your sniffy grudge,
I have to camouflage,
With a cheerful facade.

Coz' this internal torment can't show,
I can't let them know,
That the one I lovingly married,

Is now the one pointing a gun at my head.
Kenneth Gray Dec 2020
You're nothing but
An evil witch!
Your soul is decrepit -
A stupid *****!
I hope you wreck your broom And end up laying in a ditch!
You ******* ugly,
Heartless witch!
Some people truly ****!
Cole Strangeee Oct 2020
“How can all your beauty be obsolete?” He typed
I closed the messenger and sat for few moments.
Collecting myself.
Breathing deeply.
I open and go to respond “ it’s obsolete when the person you’re in love with, is more in love with a substance than you.”
I am tired of biting my tongue.
I protected you, I tried to save you. All you did was drag my through the dirt hoping I’d fall in love with your snow angels too.
I hate it break it to you, but now you’re down two, and in the end I really hope it’s jailhouse justice for you.
Logan Robertson Dec 2018
My lost love
Hated me.
She blinded my daze.
Knights in me would storm
Sunny shores of hers.
Hymns of my love were light
Dark were her fires.
Water colors of our love never bled
Clotted on a unfinished canvas.
Immaterial of me, she blossomed.
Weeds of our life brushed sad.
Happiness gone from our marriage
Divorce, soon, and found.
Lost, like two gold fish at war
Piecing the bubbles to the surface.
Bottom of the tank, I fell ahead
Tails of hers wagged happily.
Sadly I swam away
Towards more ... emptiness.

Logan Robertson

We were so even in the beggining. The moon sang our song. There were lyrics in our steps. Our world was perfect. Then it crashed, oddly. Like watching a bad movie. We had front row seats and could not, for the life of me, change the script.
Note-Did you notice how every
sentence ends and begins with
antonyms/and or wordplay? In the poem
How I Wish 2019 Brings Blossoms I try this technique again.
Jarrel Malimban Aug 2014
Guess I should have this:
your tool kit
one you'll truly miss.

To you I'm very ******;
I just had it!
Now you'll be sorely missed...

A pliers for thee, my dip ****
to pluck out your teeth
let your blood flow and drown in it.

I'll screwdriver your cavities
take 'em all away for you.
Farewell, to all of vanities!

No anesthesia for you, my loss.
Pain is my love for you, dear,
which you truly deserved, no love lost.
The poem is influenced and named after Joy Division's song, "No Love Lost". The poem mentioned some things found in a tool kit, which is actually a property of the persona's husband, suggesting that he may be working in a construction firm or at least know about using them. His wife, a dentist who worked abroad, found out that she was cheated by her husband and the money she gives to her husband only goes to his drinking habits and womanizing.

Angered by his infidelity, she retaliated by using his tool kit as part of her torture. The poem took place in a dental clinic wherein the husband is tortured and left bleeding to death, agonizing from the pain as he was given no anesthesia to ease it. Ironically, the tool kit her husband often uses is used as tools for torture.

The torture is a reference to the song in which the Nazis were torturing and murdering the Jews in bizarre manners.

— The End —