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Jun 2015
well I was sitting out back underneath the stars
Take in a couple of swigs play a couple of bars
Wonder where the time went and who's praying for me
I know somebody's gotta be praying for me.

So I'm feeling faux pa and bored with friends
angry with neighbors lonesome crowded winds
blowin me down like an eight mile island
I can't see out of the car I'm driving
but I can tell the future's not exciting
I work tomorrow then I'll strum my guitar
but not much to keep me out of the bars
cept poverty **** and writing in cars

So now I'm sittin out back underneath the stars
Take a couple of swigs eat a couple a bars
Wonder where the time went praying for you
I'm Still on my knees just praying for you

Well I don't know what I'm talkin about
Just wrote a couple songs and I'm spit'n em out
Ain't worth $hit and my brains on drought
but I, Should I, Reason my doubt...?
I'll drop a couple of classes I'm going for broke
Hit my head on the bad lands buried the Pope
stuck my nose in the air like I was downing a Coke
When I woke up in evening I hadn't gotten too far
They took an empty spot next to me at the bar

So Sitting out back underneath the stars
Take a couple of wigs take a couple of cars
Wander in the barn house pray Mr. Blue
huffing the Gasoline Praying for you
Funny when you predict your own future...and this is an old tune of mine. Goes something like this.
Written by
Sethnicity  Planet Earth
(Planet Earth)   
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