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Thomas Steyer Aug 2021
What's the matter with me lately?
I've a feeling I'm no good no more
Should I have a system check
Possibly get the upgrade three point four?

Problem is my hardware is outdated
Not sure what support I can expect
The new software won't install
We're incompatible I suspect.

Time comes and you begin to think
This has truly lost its fun
Now I must watch you from the corner here
How you carry on with a new honey bun.
Simon Nov 2019
Consciousness is tailored for everyone’s efforts. The software, which includes the hardware it’s circumvented towards in order to specialize the countering of what makes it special in its tip top shape that won’t be the downfall of order itself. But the countering of how one tailors our operating systems day in and day out. Like computers and their operating systems. All are specialized with there own software that makes calculations after calculations day in and day out. Sort of a repeatable process for everyone’s pleasures to invoke upon. Circumventing the hardware that mounts an all-out assault of processes exchanging daily operations both inside and out. Guess you can say a operating system is a computers consciousness. Doesn’t matter how advanced one is to claim by performance alone. Sooner or later, the obvious is in its performance through actions alone. Performance is never equal, until you have a operating system that’s proud to be awake and functioning! Now what’s this about tailoring consciousness…? Nothing… Well, not really anyways. Were all tailored ever since birth. Natural inclinations among our living conditions pits us against rougher life styles then what our own kind is actually going through on the other side of there own spectrum. Spectrum's including a posher life style. Tailoring our consciousnesses proudly without guilt or suffering paying the wages in a more illusional priority to what truly counts for something being a one-sided treating operating system. Operating systems are just that…functioning platforms for our waking states to conjure up on a daily basis. Removing this operating system, would be like removing ourselves. Seizing to exist in our fully established biological states completely! Whatever state your consciousness is divided by, don’t tear it away because yours just seems to not function up to the claims of what lifestyle you (THINK) you should be tailored by. Whether you asked or not. Thou understandably it’s not your fault to what lifestyle you were brought up by. And the poverty that produces those brims full of guilt or suffering pays more wages to what is the true operating lengths of what the world is truly founded upon. Operating systems in computers are safe because there functioning. Tailored to be the tip top and posh lifestyle that one was engineered when sold separately. Which in tune was given to a higher base operating system that’s now channeling the wills and wants of what this engineered system is occupied to function with. More priorities in all! WOOT! Our consciousness sits back while judging harshly based on not feeling, because feeling is made more then just a waking state system. Its functionality isn’t important because it’s drawn out to be a system. Hence a somebody to tailor your own self importance’s up because your awake and functioning. Consciousness is tailored to exist because it’s there to see how the vessel that binds us all together, gives us our self importance in the first place. (Snapping of someone’s functioning width gives rise to friction counting for something jaw-dropping!) Achieving the snapping mechanism in one go. Thou many services kept trying with processes battling for perfection. Forwarding the plan to notion the regards of…what…exactly, pray tell?? They say we mirror our believe system out into the world. We make mistakes which spawn greater examples for the self importance eliciting the lesson of forgone truths straight from our focused conscious could elaborate on. Just like how apparently consciousness could reflect the universes true purpose in (WHY) the operating system acts the way it does. Hiding its true tailoring arts in such a twisting bind, it’s unaffordable to even speculate on. It’s simply beyond our pray tell minds to operate on. Yet we interact with it on a daily basis. Twisting, while binding something isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Not forgetting to include the involuntary postures shooting out the benefits to this natural, possibly biased claim. (What riches foretold such events to come…?) Obviously, nothing to what tailored these operating systems of ours. Electronic computers. Bioelectrochemical humans. Creations or creator. Tailoring their computations and biological processes to the highest degree. Everyone has a operating system that lets you consciously interact with the software that permeates the hardware holding it all together. Just like how a skull holds a brain. Which holds the nestles of mind. And mind carrying out the calculations of software bounded to the hardware that mind is also bounded by the brain. The universe is massive, yes! But a network in itself once said, (that no matter how big or massive your typical construct might seem to absolve all constraints of triumph! You need to look a little closer.) Humans dedication towards operating systems? Tailoring conscious properties?! Computers being creations of advanced operable, functioning exercises which circumvent those daily practices are too beneficiary to the thing that bounces back to a functioning mirroring mechanism playing for keeps with the lifestyle we all play ourselves in our own nestled corners. The universe is no different. But it’s not as big as you truly give it credit for. (Tailoring consciousness hears a snapping of someone’s functioning width giving rise to the friction counting for something without jaw-dropping results!) Maybe tomorrow when your operating system is all deemed redeemable by no good lucky efforts. You might start to benefit yourself among close surroundings that play you to look too far ahead of what is already tailoring you up to play the part directly towards.
Tailoring one's own awareness with the operating system that bodes well with everyday riches, produces harm to the rightful of places.
Shiv Pratap Pal Feb 2019
All Apps Un-installed
Hard disks wiped out
Operating System lost
System Shutdown
RAM cleared
BIOS destroyed
Object Id Retained
ROM info Retained

Hardware burnt to Ashes
Or left for Micro-organisms
Scriptures say, Sages re-iterate
Believers believe, others disagree
Object ID may be Reborn
With new OS and Apps
Or there is another possibility
Object ID gets destroyed
And witness Moksha
Free from further rebirth and deaths

Sorry this poem is not on Computers
But I am sure, it's about Humans
Smart Humans, Mortal Humans
Bound to follow the System of
Until Moksha comes for Rescue
System. Who Made This System? Could Anyone Hack this System? Bypass this System or Break This System? Really a Big Question
Shlomo Jan 2019
Tottering. Tottering.

Tottering on the brink

of illiteracy,

was a man once known,

for his intellectual proficiency.

For brilliant no more he was,

as those days were long gone!

Once upon a time he was well known,

for his many exponential technologies,

From portable video projection hardware,

reconstruction surgical devices for the cochlear,

to software able to extract the deepest of thoughts.

Now, there he lay. There he lay!

Daily perpetuating and recapitulating the most misanthropic of idiocies.
Star BG Jan 2018
My computer-like self
is frozen in thought like the outside chill.
Mouse moving in heartbeat fashion.
Light pulsating to
balance eyes that stare outward.

Time slows
while flashes of visions come
upon minds screen
melting into a field of technical descriptive words.

Software of passions and goals
must be updated to align with
lifeforce energies.

Dreams become distant
in hard drive of heart
while rain fills eyes
and keyboard
resonates with sounds.

Virus must be found
by breath and focus
grounding in a sea of gigabytes
housed in cells
taken over until balance can be achieved.

Platform is set with intention
for real self to meet fabricated one
as old fears are dismantled
and guided to a tunnel lined with trash.

With flip of
button all is eradicated
in just seconds
for a new thought to anchor
and peace to be part of a new program.

Second to reboot my consciousness
for guidance and spirits love to enter.

StarBG © 2017
Just a thought that floated into mind and I used as a diving board to swim in words. Just a thought to ride the waves of a frothed verse to photograph by assembling words. Just a thought.
Shofi Ahmed Aug 2017
You need no hardware
across the zero’s span.
Only software will do
to land you a full
360-degree run.

A little null punch
but gives you
a colossal rise.
Run around the null
the way to go is digital!
anastasiad Jan 2017
Sciatica pain home remedy work outs doesn't have to be specially difficult to be handy. Typically, they are often carried out efficiently both at home and can frequently decrease or take away the desire for qualified care. No matter if made use of alone maybe in addition for expert varieties of care, basic sciatic nerve sensation problems soreness physical exercises along with self-care strategies may result in the distinction between getting better and also continuous discomfort.

Sciatic sensation problems tenderness is normally brought on through destruction of one or two intervertebral disks in the lower back. A cds will be the delicate shocks sandwiched relating to the vertebrae. If more than one drives is broken sufficiently to project on the passageways where the sensation problems offices which from the sciatic sensation problems leave your spinal column, a nervous feelings can get annoyed. Inflammation with the slipped backbone dvd could also induce swelling and this bloating may well deliver added sensors tenderness. The particular ensuing lack of feeling irritation creates the discomfort along with other signs and symptoms that take a trip into your buttock spot and leg we know of when sciatica pain.

The main results of almost all excellent sciatic pain treatment at home work outs will be to "squeeze" a stuffed intervertebral disc product out from the inflamed anxious feelings (as is accomplished by way of the actual McKenzie off shoot treatment method workouts outlined after) and/or minimize the accumulation connected with water from swelling (which can be done by light aerobic fitness exercise similar to diving or strolling). The following reduction in retention from the lack of feeling root by means of lessened intervertebral blank disc protruding in addition to bloating ordinarily gives quickly relief of symptoms. With duplicated utilization of your property procedure exercises more than a length of a few days, also resilient cases usually find symptom relief in time and constant leveling from the lumbar blank disc wall could happen to control the risk of reinjury. As being the intervertebral disk stabilizes, prolonged relief of pain may be the outcome.

Among the most popular of the sciatic nerve neural soreness work outs would be the above mentioned McKenzie extendable technique, and that is much like a "cobra" place around yoga and fitness. The thought is usually that backward bending on the spine carefully crushes this gel-like chemical within the actual intervertebral dvd onward as well as away from the nerve fibres that leave sciatic neural discomfort.

In combination with sciatic nerve lack of feeling signs or symptoms house exercises, there are actually further more approaches which can be employed to decrease sciatic nerve neurological soreness as well as pain. Employing ice cubes (segregated in the epidermis that has a skinny level of fabric to avoid snow nip) pertaining to 8 to 10 minutes each time up to each couple of hours will most likely ease swelling plus puffiness all-around nerves considerably better than even the more effective anti-inflammatory drugs. Acupressure in addition to self applied restorative massage can even be useful for lessening inflammatory bloating within the back nerves plus reduce hurtful signs and symptoms. The actual decrease in inflammation created by these additional styles of self-care enhance the negative effects of the particular sciatic nerve sensors pain property workouts.

Using duplicated using exercises and extra sciatica self-care solutions, high-priced in addition to time-consuming expert treatment method, unpleasant unwanted effects out of supplements and also obtrusive needles and operations can easily commonly always be definitely avoided. By simply starting to learn on what sciatic nerve sensors house routines and also self-administered therapies to utilize and just what to not utilize, you'll be able to take part in your very own rehabilitation and stop any recurrence on the sciatic nerve pain sooner or later. Best iphone data recovery software
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