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Thomas Steyer Aug 29
What's the matter with me lately?
I've a feeling I'm no good no more
Should I have a system check
Possibly get the upgrade three point four?

Problem is my hardware is outdated
Not sure what support I can expect
The new software won't install
We're incompatible I suspect.

Time comes and you begin to think
This has truly lost its fun
Now I must watch you from the corner here
How you carry on with a new honey bun.
Celine Ngo Jun 2020
an adorable little lamb
fur so soft, strong like a ram
who would have known
you were nothing but a sham.

looking back, perhaps you really were
who you were
i thought of you like a wolf in sheep's clothing
but i think we just didn't fit, without us knowing

you were like a lamb, soft in your own right
but i was a dolphin, never destined to see the light
i hope you're flocking in the fields
and that time has made you heal.
don't call it a relationship, but i'm sorry. summer 2018.
Amanda Pringle Apr 2020
I’m the unfinished poem
And you’re the deadline closing in way too soon.
This is not shaping up to be anyone’s best work.

You’re the chair with a faulty seat
And I’m the *** falling through.
Is it my fault for not checking first?

I’m the ambulance sirens wailing outside on your street,
But you’re the silence I need to concentrate.
How are you going to work with this?

You’re the hands typing away
And I’m the keyboard with a missing key.
Or maybe you’re missing a finger?

What about the deadline?
How is this going to work if you’re missing a finger?
Is this what’s making me the ***?

I might be the biggest obstacle you have,
And baby you’re not one for track and field.

Bring your best revision to the table,
I don’t think you’re saving this piece.

Whether this is a creative block or not,
You’re dealing with a failure to write.
Felicity Paris Apr 2020
you were roses
I was silk

not that either of us was better
than the other

but that maybe we weren’t what
the other needed at the time
B D Caissie Aug 2019
You somehow eclipsed all my moments in the sun.
Where upon I became the penumbra in your presence.
The moods you wore left me sodden and confused.
Our times together had become painfully arduous.
He lives in days
I live in decades
His world in constant change
My world struggles to be sane

The master of his ship
Unbothered by the sea
I am the waves, the current
All the chaos underneath

How incompatible are we
Only now I've come to see
He was made for adventure
But he was not made for me

He can tolerate the harshness
He can understand my depth
But tolerance is still not love
Or else he wouldn't have left

Our paces are mismatched
They cannot intertwine
How do I catch up to him
If his pace outruns mine

His seconds are my moments
So little that he forgets
Locked beneath my trenches
Like a buried treasure chest
kk Jun 2018
Slide in
Sugar-searching serpent
You spark
In this ****
A naive mind
That this might
Work out
Before you
Tire out
Lemon-lime lollies
Licking your lips
For a confection
A bit more
And maybe I'm looking for someone a little more zesty.
Poetic T Jun 2018
Dilemmas of inconsistent reflections
                   never looking at the same

Where cracks seem like gorges of
            incompatible strains upon

But there is a way to not look in
               deliberation upon false

Look within each other, not the warped
                           reflection conflicting our
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