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Zywa May 2021
The house of my youth

has been rebuild: younger bricks –

for younger people.
Collection "WoofWoof"
Michael Mar 2021
I remember once when I was young, looking out into the sunset
and thru the sky a long stretched line was spread, the tail of a jet.
Beautiful.  Purple.  Orange.  Red.
I remember staring off, trying to imagine myself standing on the horizon's edge.
I thought, what magical wonderful things could there be beyond the end?
Is there anything beyond the horizon?

Now I'm older, as I see that line's been like a rainbow to me.
It still reminds me it's here.
Fades away when I get near.
It's not as beautiful, regrettably so.
Guess there's something sublime about things we don't know.
Perhaps life is that way, when the horizon is gone.
We just can't see, but it also goes on.
Julia Celine Mar 2021
The daffodils will grow in the yard again

Now that the last of snow will melt

My dear, I think we're older now

And we must grow as well
Zywa Oct 2019
A comet strikes, the Light
disappears in the earth, it gets cold
a winter of hunger and disease

that destroys, and then
a new beginning
in the spring, the return

of the Light, the Light:
trees and shrubs burst out
birds are singing with desire

the white deer sniffs
between the birches and looks
at the Light, the Light

Oh my love, the Light, the Light

is back, come outside
I want to run, cheer, jump
and feel that you lust after me

I want to roll with you in the grass
making love in the sun, making love
in full Light, the Light

is back and everything sings
of life, o my love
the Light, the Light
the Light, the Light

is back and everything sings
of life, o my love
the Light, the Light
the Light, the Light
“Here comes the sun” (1969, George Harrison)

Celtic symbolism: Beithe (the Birch), that is the first deciduous tree to make new leaves after the winter; the Birch should be guided by Lugh (“Light”, the comet that hit the earth in 540, after which a cold wave came, with diseases and famine; Lugh is the sun god, the inventor of the arts and crafts) and the White Stag (the symbol of high ideals and high aspirations)

Collection “Lilith's Powers" #102
The uniVerse Jan 2021
Happy new year
to all of my friends
I wish you were here
to celebrate the end
the end of a decade
that's already over
so let's ride the parade
don't look over your shoulder
I lost someone dear
and I know you have too
but let's make one thing clear
that all things renew
new relationships
new beginnings
I'm thankful for you all 
so let's see what this year brings
whatever may befall.
Constantly it changed everything.
Overthrows hopes among people,
Varied thoughts, feelings, and demands
Ignites humans’ inability to understand, how
Deadly this virus can be.

Its existence
Creates a big change.
A change that made everything
Fall into place and Space
Or nearly destroys what’s in order.

How did the virus earn its crown?
It is on its pedestal!
Corona, the virus!
Virus and it's viral.

Could it be a blessing or not?
Could we be grateful that it exists?
Or it merely
Harmony and order.

Consoles people
Offers love and care to others;
Reunites shattered and damaged ones;
Nestles kindness and patience to one and all;
Allows bonds and relations to grow deeper.

Is it an epiphany?
A sort of vision to see how beautiful our future will be,
If everyone cares to see the good in each other?
To admire and to appreciate the efforts and hard work of all men
Regardless of life status?
Is it not great to see how people around the globe love one another?

This pandemic shocked the world indeed.
It paved a way to heal what’s broken
Living and non-living things;
Yes, let us include everything that God has created.
We have forgotten our sole responsibility to His gifts.

Cures and heals.
Optimistically changes the heart of many;
Rhetorically awakens all to contemplate;
Obliged everybody to care;
Now, behold and pray.

This too shall pass.
Many have died but this would not end
Your hope and faith.
Together we fight,
Together we uncrown
from my book ABCs of LIFE

This too shall pass. Keep safe everyone.
Allow the rhythm
Relax in rest
Breathe in renewal
To stay at your best

Release the weight
Just let it go
Waves of renewal
Come as you slow

Your life is not
A speedy race
Renewal won’t come
At a frantic pace

There’s time for action
And a time to renew
Take time for renewal
In all that you do
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The time of the winter solstice is a time of renewal (in the northern hemisphere).  Worldwide, it's a time to pause and reflect, and take time to rest.  The winter and the new year are good times to choose what your priorities are.

There is a time for action and a time to renew, so take time for renewal in all that you do.  The rhythms of life will help you stay at your best.
Angel Nov 2020
What does it mean to be wrapped by the sun?
23 years of warmth
& aching bones
23 years of my heart burning
& reforming
23 years of loving
& mistaking
23 years my soul has on this planet
23 more?
I’ve been finding things in my notes
Carlo C Gomez Nov 2020
Constant instars
Exiled metamorphosis
So quiet you can almost
Hear the sun go down

Valle de Las Hamacas
Vista Hermosa
Spheres of Paradiso
Seismic dewdrop points
Listening to the night
Fall with the rain
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