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qeren Mar 10
I let go of my hand today
because no one showed me the way,
I have nothing to pay
because no one asked me to stay.

emotions and pride have clouded my judgment.
i lost, again.
qeren Sep 2021
would you let me breathe?
listen to all the ***** you say
needed space but there's no way
even I can't quit with a pray

everyone keeps on talking
but there's no one listening
to put the world on my back
instead of my hand

puts so much weight on the words
puts so much weight on the thoughts
everyone's in a rush
with no moment of hush

can we sit down and talk?
can we take a moment to breathe?
can we not run but walk?
can we take a moment to breathe?
everyone relax and let me breathe for a second, please.
qeren Sep 2021
who acquire a very delicate heart
was hurt too many times
that you don’t feel pain anymore.

who became numb of all things
has finally found everything tedious
and live in absolute indifference.

for you,
the world only holds the color
of black and white,
even with no shade of grey
or everything in between.

tt has become a part of who you are,
in solitude, utter numbness, apathetic

this is who you truly are, no?
qeren Aug 2021
for if one day,
one day,
we're destined to meet again
let's pretend, that you and I,
vous et moi,
are complete strangers

who stumble upon one another for the very first time.

for the history of us,
the you and I of the old renaissance,
the you and I,
who even made Paris and Helen envious

has ceased to exist.
that's what you've always wanted, isn't it?
qeren Jul 2021
for a mother has lost her child

for a sister has lost her brother

for a friend who has lost his grandfather

for our azure has cried for us

for the soil is losing its place for us

for that's the only thing that we can do now
it is the thing we've been doing now.
qeren Mar 2021
bruno major said,
"what if the world is a hopeless place
and we're scared to admit
that we're alone"

we've known the world is a beautiful place
but we're on our own

definitely on our own.
from Bruno Majors On Our Own song.
qeren Feb 2021
breakfast has always been nice and pleasant
the evening has always been filled
with some strolling in the garden and delightful tea time
the night has always been filled with passion and late-night reading

all is well
all is good
all is warm.

where did we go wrong?
i'd like to know
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