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rom Sep 2017
a warning comes from the flashing screen
and the window shakes as the lightning crashes
it remains intact.
the hurricane continues to whip up debris
now tearing down homes
tearing my home
tearing you down –
the wind is screaming.

you should have listened to the flashing screen.
how we never listen until it finally happens and it's too late (drabble lol)
Angelique Feb 2016
Humanity travels with strangers
With strange people

who are only strange to us because we lack their humanity
because we know not of their suffering

Because we know not what we destroy with the refusal to handle things carefully
Talk about the unexpected
A  refusal old insurance claim
in 2012
I'd forgotten about it..
A check for
a hundred  forthy five pound
Dark Jewel Feb 2016
What is this dread I feel?
That keeps me awake at night.
That haunts my dreams?

Who else am I to lose?
In this world of  Greed.
These nightmares need to halt their attack.

Before no sleep comes forever..
I can't take this pain anymore.
This heart may surrender..

The one I love may be lost,
By many ways..
*I refuse to lose him today.
Nightmares haunt my sleep and their attack is becoming stronger.. I'm afraid..
NeroameeAlucard Jan 2016
You know I haven't written about looking at myself loathing what I see but is been weighing on my frontal lobe so I'm gonna write this outta me
I've been through to much to feel this way again
I refuse to give up I need to grow up and be strong, if not for me then my family and friends
But then maybe I've been strong for too long
All humans need time to breathe that sigh of relief from not having to fight any longer
But I've taken loss after loss and fallen down and each time I've gotten up I was hurt, but stronger
This throng of self doubt and disappointment hurts me to even talk about every time I seem to build confidence I get crushed by second guessing and doubt without my friends I don't even think I'd be here right now
So thank you all
I love you
And now pen, take your bow
Wyvern Queen Dec 2015
Every interaction was filled with irritation,
A simple reminder that you never loved me the same

So why did I bother to hold on to you
Why did you bother to sneak a glance my way

Why didn't you just say you never loved me back
It'd be much easier if you just told me so
Kaka Dec 2015
I do not care.
I do not.
"I do."
Ambika Jois Nov 2015
He refuses to offer a piece of his heart
'Cause he can't trust it'll be kept unbroken
He keeps his feelings belted smart
Chances for new emotions left untouched and unspoken

He offers his rut, fresh and mastered
Decides it's the best and most he wants for now
The heart that's growing a case on him is being plastered
At the mere longing to exchange a loyalty vow

There is hope he will change and offer more
With no guarantee of his final choice for a future;
There is hope, at the depth of a bruised heart still sore
Longing to hold him close upon his merciful role as a suture.
Thomas Conlan Oct 2015
Your whiskey lips
are haunting me
with words of
what if
and what could be.

The dream of us may be more damaging I fear,
than where life has lead us to my dear.
I steer clear from your gaze for all the ways
they make me feel like old days;

scared, insecure, miserable,

"I just want one kiss",
a trip into bliss that you'll miss.
But your phantom lips have left me aching
from the past that we have been making.
And that pain has got me breaking.
Daydreaming a life from which I'm waking.

Back to reality,
a life cast in duality.
The world stripped of sensuality but revisited at night.
A happiness best taken in sips, and although I've woken, my heart rips
because I can still
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