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ChrisL Mar 2019
Our relationship, deeper than any pizza base.
Our love, saucier than the finest italian passata.
Our feelings stronger than the maturest of fine cheeses.
Our willingness to please the other stretches such as the most glorious of mozzarella.

To what do we base our feelings upon,
Be it the interchangable toppings or the structural integrity of the strongest crust.

Akin to snowflakes no two pizzas are ever alike. Each one differing to the last, be it the char marks on it's peak or the flame kissed bottom.

Our choice in toppings may differ so vastly, you with your ghastly pineapple and myself with my overly rich and greasy bbq meatfeast.
Alas does this mean anything at all? Nothing but a matter of opinion, toppings change to peoples liking, but our bases remain the same our sauce the binding glue to hold it all together.
ChrisL Feb 2019
In a hall of mirrors,
Could you recognise oneself?

After losing everything.
A shell of your former self,
A ghost of a life lived.
ChrisL Feb 2019
To spend a lifetime wishing for things is to spend a lifetime with your head in the clouds. Instead of wishing, focus your energy into getting what you orginally wanted. Wishing for things is almost like expecting to win the lottery, it's possible but highly unlikely.

To spend a lifetime always wanting more is to spend your life chasing the next upgrade and no matter what you have it will never be enough. Instead, stop for a moment and appreciate what you do have. Everything in this life is precious, if we're always thinking of more then surely what we have now is meaningless.

To spend a lifetime comparing is the worst of all these. To compare is to question what you have or have not. Comparing will always leave you with bitter feelings. If you have something others do not, you will look down on them and think you are better. To look at others and see what you do not have, you will feel envy and doubt you're greatness.
Not entirely sure if this classes as an actual poem or not.
ChrisL Feb 2019
My love for you a raging inferno,
Incinerating all in it's path.
No living creature or material able to withstand the destructive force that ensues.

You make me feel like no other, each and every day you feed the fire within me.

When i first met you i was but a small ember, slowly suffocating and craving oxygen.

The more time we spent together i felt myself grow stronger as you nurtured and fed me with your kind words.

The small ember i was no more, now a great flame akin to that of a furnace of the gods capable of smelting the hardiest ofmetals.

If not for you I would be even less than the ember i once was, a mere spark floating in a sea of emptiness and despair.

For what use is a spark without fuel or the oxygen it so craves, forever bound to wander the earth in search of true love.

You ignited something deep inside of me, a yearning for more. To better myself and those around me. You allowed and encouraged me to be my true self and showed me how to be a better person.

There are no words strong enough to show my true appreciation and undying love for you. Forever will you be the oxygen to my flame, the love of my life.
Rough draft trying to show my love, would like to add more as i feel this is not enough.
ChrisL Feb 2019
Inside me an unquenchable fire,
Rising and falling as a phoenix dies and is reborn in the purest of flames.
With every rise an unbearable pain uncomparable to anything I've ever experienced before.
With every fall a gut wrenching agony of searing pain.
Ebbing and flowing like the tide beneath a full moon, waves of acid crashing against walls of flesh.

No more of this can I take.

One, surely not enough, two I take instead for with this battle I will require all the help I can get.
I throw them in and begin to chew ravenously like a beast starved of food.
Chalky, dry and the strangest taste of mints fill my mouth and cling to my teeth.
I muster all the saliva I can and swallow the precious substance.
Within seconds I feel it hit the depths of my stomach, plunging in like an icy sword.
And so begins the battle of all ages, a clash of titans in a seemingly pointless battle for nawt but relief.
Like two dragons, one of fire the other of ice ferociously battling tooth and claw.
As the war rages on neither seem to be gaining the upper hand, both evenly matched in their immense strength.

After what seemed like hours yet only took mere minutes to pass, the dust settles and there is no winner in sight, in a final almighty clash the two dragons destroy each other leaving behind no trace of this ever happening.
The pain subsides and the burning gone, finally now I can be free from the fiery chains that once bound me.
  Feb 2019 ChrisL
I have never been closer
This is no drill
That last breath I feel drawing
The fear of failing
Pain held in my heart
Longing for clarity
Unable to find
I know you feel strong enough
As if you can mend
But I am broken
This time it's the end
The only sadness is my lack of a goodbye
This is no fault of yours
I can not be saved
I am done
  Feb 2019 ChrisL
Aithne Beauchene
Memories are just blank sheets of paper.

No matter what you feel.
No matter how many burning blood cells course through your veins,
From your heart to your fingertips.
No matter the violence that surges through your body,
Heat and strength.

You will never be able to throw that sheet of paper across the room.
It will never reach the other side.
It will fall right below your feet again.
And again.

And again.

Crumple it up-
And maybe it will reach the other side,
But you will never be able to unravel it.
It will never be the same,
And Misshapen,
Not what you started with.

But don’t ever let yourself forget.
That the sheet of paper folds.
Fold it into a plane,

And with a gentle push,
It’ll fly across the room.

Without violence.
Without regret.

A beautiful goodbye.
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