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Khushi Patel Apr 2021
I am humble on my right

that can turn arrogant at night

the next card is not known

like ways, my next emotion is thrown

Years came and years gone

where is the end I do not know

the fun was hanging on a branch

that can collapse at any part

Weather was warm and pleasing

the dejected face was freezing

this expression was never shown

it's the nature that always heals

All emotions are complex

what threatens is Short living anger

killing some good vibes

that tucked with us the whole time
Khushi Patel Mar 2021
I am tilted towards being quiet than speaking.

Silence has a voice that,

speaks to me-helps me-stabilize me.

I realize the beauty of the universe

with the running thoughts

and flying time.

I know voices cross the head.

Some voices are heard, some are suppressed,

but a calm mind is achieved through muteness.

I love myself more,

at the sunsets that I see in peace

at the gardens with a heavy breeze.

I grasp the zeal in the noiseless hour.

Get to know the inner self

while consoling the empty heart.
Khushi Patel Mar 2021
Face cards are considered at the top, we get greedy for them,
Learn to take what comes your way
Different cards pop up every time as different faces.

Joker is ignored while playing, such unwanted things in life should
be avoided for a good play
Winnings are not always at your step.

Four Colours makes us believe life is colourful and attractive
Wait for your turn to showcase your excellence.

Ace leads the face cards
Reach the topmost level, so no one can pull you down.
Khushi Patel Aug 2020
World is changing,
People are changing,
Having lost their senses,
Trying to hurt everyone except themselves.

Women lost faith in god,
Begging to be safe,
There's no one but ***** minds,
Being wild for their sake.

Believing in judiciary,
We expect some shame,
No age, no innocence,
Ultimately crime should be blamed.

— The End —