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Ken Pepiton Apr 4
Dreaming is not the same as wishing it's true

saying love is love is all a mind may do,
peace, however,
peace, any mind can chose to make,
this is true;
or as they say,
what the hell.


Now, for me, PKD is more long term distracting
than Lovecraft or King, but tiny tastes,
like Zappa, on the spectrum,

ever re verb reverb yoweee I see we
to go a tad past last time we all sang


boop boopee do.

This is the effect of a life lived in this one body,
for as long as I can imagine,
and I am learning, it ain't this good for losers,
who never learn to change the **** game.

Score. God, I love the future.
If you read, I write, it is a reflex
Pagan Paul Dec 2017
Wine, enchilada and pickle sauce,
corks and safeties,
just like The Penguin In *******
in Ronnie and Kenny's shed.

The Idiot ******* Son
sits eating the deadly Yellow Snow,
whilst Joe hums Zombie Woof
at the Poodle in his Garage.

Dinah-Moe Humm finally gets off;
in the Dangerous Kitchen,
with the Muffin Man's ***** Love,
and the Illinois Enema Bandit.

The Fine Girl and the Latex Solar Beef
bathed in The Blue Light,
shout 'Pick Me, I'm Clean',
along Inca Roads, to Find Her Finer.

Cosmik Debris exclaims Zoot Allures!
From the fat, floating, maroonish Sofa
because the Bow Tie Daddy
sings Nasal Retentive Calliope Music.

Yo Mama! there's the Disco Boy
who gets in More Trouble Every Day,
so The Torture Never Stops,
with Damp Ankles, Peaches & Regalia.

Sam With The Showing Scalp Flat Top
dances with Camarillo Brillo upstairs,
catching Stink-Foot once again,
like In France from the Valley Girl.

And so the Watermelon In Easter Hay
rides off with the Duke Of Prunes
to the Carolina ******* Ecstasy,
visiting Billy The Mountain, and Montana.

© Pagan Paul (2016/2017)

Frank Zappa
(21st December 1940 - 4th December 1993).
Musician, Diplomat and Lyricist.
A tribute to a genius for the anniversary
of his death, and birthday (both in December).

There are a lot of Zappa song titles
and references in this write.
Zero Nine Jul 2017
The new ghosts of old loss are coming 'round again.
They're wearing their adult size shoes in the young sun of mem'ry.
Never has there been such a sizzle. HOT. HOT.
Fingers. They put their fingers in the children.
Into the past and reach for damage.
The new ghosts of old ghosts
Want to get their fingers on my
Past, would you imagine that?
Zero Nine Jun 2017
Some of my idols don't do drugs
With blinders on **** your idols dead by dawn
Being the case I **** mine with shame
Reagan would have loved their hatred of me
Being the case he would hate me, too

Bring me your disdain, bring me
Baskets overflowing, ***** apples and oranges
Mess of accidental fruits of unaware labor
I guess malice blesses my innate behaviors

We alter the stars to outcry
We alter time, ascend, divine
We alter time of death
Design last breaths
Next in line.
AvengingPoet Sep 2014
It’s all a big illusion
A massive disillusion
To make you all ******* go broke
Archaic as ****.

Slowing everyone down
Pound everyone into the ******* ground
I’m going ******* loco
Why the **** am I even here?

Same *******, new place, money drained
Authority being authority
Don’t want me to think
Just want me to write a ******* paper.

Another institution
Why can’t I just do it all on my own
Isn’t anyone here to help me
You have to help me.

It’s a collaborative process
Why ain’t nobody collaborating
Just sittin’ around waitin’ to be instructed or being too serious
**** that ****.

Stop tellin’ me what to do
You’re just a business anyhow
Aren’t you
What the hell am I doing here?

Who are the Brain Police anyhow?

— The End —