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Zack Ripley Oct 2020
There may be times
When we don't see eye to eye.
And our hearts may never beat as one.
But that doesn't mean
We can't work together.
After all, they say opposites attract.
So, what do you say we sit back
And let the chemicals react.
Rph Sumita Nath Aug 2020
Remarks are not literature
Sometimes go out of the structure
Though good one's are to capture
Rest are like old furniture.

Some version are miniature
Albeit enlighten a picture
They understand the scripture
And thought of the culture.

Some remarks you feel as tincture
Floating like bubble that won't  puncture
Life is all about adventure
Always be high with your zeal for signature.
Each one of us get remarks on our daily efforts. That could be cooking, singing, dancing, writing, fitness, dressing or other.
I presented a Rhyme on my view. Love to know your opine. How you come across. What excite you or demotivates you. Share your story.
#comment4comment #judgement #reaction #remarks #tellyourstory.
Kyle Aug 2020
Soulless Reaction
When I'm happy;
I smile.
When I'm sad;
I cry.
When I'm angry;
I clench my fist.
But when I'm soulless
I don't have any reaction.
Raul M Murray Aug 2020
Everybody needs a *****
No thanks I can create on my own
My idiosyncratic thinking
Is bouncy as the suns atom

Looking for a reason to capitalise
On mind control apparatus
But read on please you
Can become my apprentice

Because this poetry can heal
Dimensions of the brain
A poetic analeptic that heals
When feeling down at heel

The bidirectional pulse wave
Of another person is not a desire
My encephalon is creative
Enough to excite you on the microwave

So adjust the frequency
Even try shortwave to find life
In space because this poet
Has no ***** dependency

My style is cramped with the BCI
Purloin’s my opportunity
To be unique in writing
Being a survivor & spry

The invasion of privacy is deplorable
Taking advantage of the poor you do
You have privacy so should I too
Reading people’s brain is irreconcilable

Don’t need two people to write a pen
I don’t want to be a ***** in the pig sty
And get ***** with other ranks of pigs
Every person’s brain is a personal den
BCI - Brain Computer Interface

Analeptic - adjective
(chiefly of a drug) tending to restore a person's health or strength; restorative.

Spry - adjective (spryer, spryest)
(especially of an old person) active; lively: he continued to look spry and active well into his eighties.

Purloin -verb [with object] formal or humorous
steal (something): he must have managed to purloin a copy of the key.

Pen - verb (pens, penning, penned) [with object]
write or compose: Olivia penned award-winning poetry.
Douglas Balmain Jun 2020
Behind the brilliant light
that gifts life to our world
burns a collapsing force
fueled by the remnants
of untold millions of years
of pulverized matter
and dispersed gases,
excited and united by
the catalytic force
of Universal disturbance.

Dive into your veins,
past the deep red color of love,
zoom in until you can see
those entities that exist
within your blood’s flowing warmth,
and you will see Warriors
locked in Lacedaemon wars.

Be Open when you feel.
Be Whole when you act.
Life is no place for ideals:
Justice demands a Judge.

We must step onto our fields of battle
solemn and reverent,
willing to plunge our spearheads
into the chests of others
who will die staring back at us
through our own eyes.

If you cannot feel these truths,
turn yourself around
and break your spear in half
on your walk back home.
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Kamilla Jun 2020
I Plutonium, and you Cyanide
Both poisonous at touch
Yet, we each longed for a taste
I dreamt deadly dreams,
Of sweet Cyanide,
Bubbling up my skin
Rising up towards my neck
And my only thought was,
How pleasant
And you
You would speak highly of Plutonium
Admiring it’s properties
Knowledgeable of the damage it could cause
But, not aware enough to care
Eventually, we both met the same demise
Choked out,
Plutonium and Cyanide
Poetic T May 2020
I opened a door,
               feminism reaction

my ***** in my throat.
Some times opening a door is just manners...
Poetic T Feb 2020
She is every reaction of my

A reflection of my every

My sight is only for her,
                         never upon

                      another's bust.

My heart couldn't beat,
   without her in my veins..

She is my breath my exhalation.
                       My forever moments

that never fade only make me breath deeper.
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