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b e mccomb Sep 2022
mvp arena
s pearl st
albany, ny

(to summarize how
we got to this point

i was in the
darkest year of my life
and in my pragmatism
i gave myself
an out

the only way i could
survive was to
tell myself it was
going to be over soon)

i’m screaming
the words into
of noise

i should be
still hearing the ringing
in my ears and
seeing flashing lights
in my eyes

was the day
it was going
to end for me

i discovered
a genre designed
for kids like me

spent hours
in full blown panic
not at the disco but
twitching on the floor
trying to drown it out
with fall out boy
nights that didn’t end until
dawn picking apart
twenty one pilots theories
in razor free showers

and then
my chemical romance
was back from the dead
10th anniversary album with
new tracks
coming 9/23/16)

things have changed
i’ve changed
and yet still
the same

”what’s the worst that i could say?
things are better if i stay?
so long and good night
so long and good night”

(and i realized
there was something
out there to
look forward to

just maybe
i make it through
just for now)

”we’ll carry on
we’ll carry on”

i did
and i made it
all the way to here
found a way to
scrape myself through
every lonely night

but in that
moment the
crushing weight
of my own
caught up to me

i should have been
to have made it
to here

but the only thought
in my mind
was that
if i hadn't
made it to here
this moment
in this sea of
misfits and margins
in this sweaty stadium
four hours from home

if i hadn't
carried on
my absence

i'm reduced to
a face in the crowd
twenty dollar bills
in a merch line
a scream in a stranger's
snapchat story

and the world doesn't
need me
one more person
to add to the chaos

i should have cried
happy tears
but instead
i began to regret
what makes me
what got me
to this point

would it be better
if i had ended it?
would it be easier?
does it even matter
either way?
because i'm
beginning to think
it really doesn't

and i know
i made it this far
i have his hand
around my back
and don't cry
alone at night anymore

but in the cosmic
scheme of significance
(which i want there
to be and i want
to be in)
i just don't
i don't
if it matters enough

what's the worst that i could say?
are things better if i stay?

"so shut your eyes
kiss me goodbye
and sleep
just sleep
the hardest part
is letting go of your dreams"
copyright 9/5/22 by b. e. mccomb
SophiaAtlas Dec 2021
I Don't Love You- Song by MCR
I Love You- Song by Billie Eilish

All the good girls go to heaven-Lyrics from the song This Is How I Disappear by MCR

All The Good Girls Go To Hell- Song by Billie Eilish
SophiaAtlas Oct 2021
I feel like Billie is HEAVILY inspired by MCR and Frank Iero.

Stomachaches = Album by Frank Iero
Bellyache = Song by Billie Eilish

"I'm Not Okay" = Lyrics/Song by MCR
"I'm not okay" = Lyrics from the song 'Listen Before I Go' by Billie Eilish

"I'm Okay" = Lyrics from the song 'I'm Not Okay' by MCR
"I'm Okay" = Lyrics from 'You Should See Me In A Crown' by Billie Eilish

Six Feet Down Under = Song by Frank Iero
Six Feet Under = Song by Billie Eilish

Don't you think so too?
SophiaAtlas Oct 2021
Am I a person...
...or am I just a bunch of MCR lyrics glued together...??
A thought that I had
SophiaAtlas Sep 2021
SophiaAtlas Sep 2021
It's okay to be white
It's okay to be black
It's okay to be Asian
It's okay to be Hispanic
It's okay to be female
It's okay to be male
It's okay to be gay
It's okay to be straight
It's okay to be YOU.

What's NOT okay is skipping a track on The Black Parade.
SophiaAtlas Aug 2021
Have you heard the news that you're dead?
Gerard M May 2021
Wishing that I wasn't Patient 139

The one screaming the lyrics to I'm Not Okay

Sometimes hopes that someone understands me

Relating to Tess Stevens and her song Tourist

Crying to Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)

Wondering if anyone has the time to listen to me whine

Trying to not do what Pete Wentz almost did in Hum Hallelujah

Thinking I'd just like to be only me and not also someone else every day

Asking myself why music is my novacane

Just wanting to know why most people don't care about me anymore

It's like every time I listen to music or watch YouTube I feel numb and I have gotten used to it

When it comes to my mental age I feel like the Clock Forgot It's Hands

In the end I'm the one who walks a lonely road the only one I have ever known
SophiaAtlas Mar 2021
Okay emos....
Today is that time of the year....

Killjoys, Make some noise.
Never be afraid to keep on living.
Never be afraid to walk this world alone.
We'll carry on.
So long and goodnight.
SophiaAtlas Mar 2021
"Silly girl"
They say.

"How can you love a boy you've never met?"

My answer is always the same.

The boy I've never met has told me I'm beautiful so many times.

Never has anyone I actually know made me feel of such worth.
MCR saved me.
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