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Gerard M May 19
Wishing that I wasn't Patient 139

The one screaming the lyrics to I'm Not Okay

Sometimes hopes that someone understands me

Relating to Tess Stevens and her song Tourist

Crying to Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)

Wondering if anyone has the time to listen to me whine

Trying to not do what Pete Wentz almost did in Hum Hallelujah

Thinking I'd just like to be only me and not also someone else every day

Asking myself why music is my novacane

Just wanting to know why most people don't care about me anymore

It's like every time I listen to music or watch YouTube I feel numb and I have gotten used to it

When it comes to my mental age I feel like the Clock Forgot It's Hands

In the end I'm the one who walks a lonely road the only one I have ever known
Sophia Mar 22
Okay emos....
Today is that time of the year....

Killjoys, Make some noise.
Never be afraid to keep on living.
Never be afraid to walk this world alone.
We'll carry on.
So long and goodnight.
Sophia Mar 8
"Silly girl"
They say.

"How can you love a boy you've never met?"

My answer is always the same.

The boy I've never met has told me I'm beautiful so many times.

Never has anyone I actually know made me feel of such worth.
MCR saved me.
Sophia Mar 3
F is for Fall Out Boy, who saved rock and roll.
U is for Brendon Urie
Here in our emo community.
Sophia Feb 18
I asked my crush, Ethan, to Planetary (GO!) out with me....
I wonder what he'll say....
Some of you will get this reference. Lots of you will not. Its an MCR reference.
(And yes, I actually did this.)
Sophia Feb 11
Roses are red
The skies are all grey
It's been 8 years
And I'm STILL not okay.
(I promise)
Sophia Feb 8
The only romance in my life is My Chemical Romance.
And even they broke up.
Sophia Jan 14
" I see you lying next to me, with words I thought I'd never speak, awake and unafraid, asleep or dead?"

                                                               -Gerard Way
Sophia Dec 2020
You like D&D,
Audrey Hepburn,
Harry Houdini,
And croquet.
You can't swim,
You can't dance,
And you don't know karate.
Face it,
You just read this in Ray Toro's voice ;)
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