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Hello Daisies Dec 2018
Castles and queens
Red carpet and round tables
Warm wind through a poofed dress

Oh what a mess
No matter how hard they stress
That olden times were not like the movies its meaningless

For the

Dances like Cinderella
Simpler times in a castle tower
Dragons and romance with a prince

You'll never be able to convince
that this isnt what i want ever since
I was but a young sad girl ive dreamt of my Prince

King arthur and merlin
Excalibur and the lady of the lake
Green beauty and small hobbit holes

Oh sad girl you are in woe
For happiness you'll never know
You'll always be a locked away rapunzel
Something about that dark bittersweet beauty that i love. The stories of Merlin or if castles and queens with a sad twist but with joy and deep beauty and dancing
It makes my heart feel an emotion i csnt describe an emotion I'll never truly have in my life.
rey Jun 2017
The look of your eyes when you look at the stars reflects so much hope. When you grab my hand and pull me closer it feels perfect, as if the stars were aligned in that moment. When you hold my hand and guide me to god-knows where, I feel needed.
The touch.
The smell.
The adrenaline rushing through our heads.
And the moment is gone. I've woken up, from a fantasy that only occurs in my head.
Gasp of morning air flows through my lungs as reality hits again.
And I know it is only a fantasy my mind wanders to every so often.

© Regan
A quick poem I wrote. Please check out my other poems once they are published.
This was my first poem and I am very, VERY surprised at my growth and improvement of my poetry.

— The End —