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Sharon Talbot Sep 16
I woke up on your sixtieth birthday
And realized I’ve been with you
For half your life!
Yet to me it seems sometimes
No more than the blink of an eye,
No more surprising than a sigh.
Yet then, I think of the joy
The kindness and love
You have given me as naturally
As you might breathe.
Then the aching passion that began
Long ago, now burnished with time
Still burns like the fire inside a jewel!
And each day seems like a hundred years
In which I hold you even when you aren’t near.
I would wish for another half of all you are,
But then I realize, that would never
Be enough.
To my husband.
i love the moon
wrapped around my neck
the small crescent moon bouncing happily on my heart
as we hold hands

that same beautiful moon
in which i trace with my fingers
feeling the smooth moonstone
be imprinted with my fingerprints

that same affectionate moon
as it glided on your chest when we gasped for more air
and you held me close to your heart
as the moonlight shined softly from the window

that same wonderstruck moon
we would fight under
tears that reflected the moonstone
always streaming down my face

that same gleaming moon
that you would wipe my tears
with the hands i had felt for years
and all i could do was look up and dream of

that same distant moon
where i had found out about your disloyalty
and i felt myself slipping into vast space
putting myself in front of asteroids just to feel something

that same sickening moon
taunting me with the way it just
stays up there, coming out only at night
only to observe and listen for chaos that reigns after dark

that same wicked moon
that was suffocating me in my sleep
when i would lie next to your empty shell
gasping for air as i wipe my moonstone tears

that same dreadful moon
as it watched me deteriorate in your arms
burning holes into my chest
dwindling my soul until it left me hollow

i... used to love the moon
when i knew that it was lovingly
wrapped around my neck by you
and you would feel the moonstone with your lips

i used to love the moon
until the last star died
and i ripped it off from my neck
and drove myself into a black hole

that same cynical moon
that you proclaimed your love to me too,
was the same ******* moon
that my entire being was shattered by you


i ******* hate the moon.
i miss what we used to be.
I guess I'm not enough for you
Those nights I stayed up
Those things I said
The things I did
Never enough for anyone

People will always want more
Things aren't like how they used to be
You can try, and try, all you want
But everything will never be enough
I'm ****** bro, hahah.
Alphia Feb 1
Who do I want to love me more then me?

You I want you to love me and care for me.

You and I keep bumping heads I can't focus cause my heart is hurting and I can't stop it from beating so hard and fast.

I love you yes but it's never enough I can't stop crying cause I want us to work and I am fighting so much for a spot that I must walk away or I'm gone hurt myself.

Goodbye my friend.
I love you but I can't do this anymore
i’m a butterfly in the rain
wings dripping with salty tears
i’m a firefly in the dark
possessing a glow so beautiful
it makes me worth catching
i’m a girl with no hope
for i am too much of everything
and never enough.
Nola Jul 2020
I have this terrible feeling,
That im just not enough.
And no matter what i do or say
We were just a love story that never begun.
Bob Apr 2020
So much things to say
So much things to do
So much to feel
And not much at all
Too much
Too little

Am I selfish?
For asking more
To feel
To be felt
To see
To be seen
To speak
To be heard
To matter

Am I a narcissist?
For hoping so much out
Of love
Of perfection
Of attention
Of life

Too much but too little
Time to do
To prove myself

Too much but too little
Things to say
To make things
Go my way.
Bandhana rai Apr 2020
It’s never enough
The nectar that is you
And like a moth to a flame I flutter to you.

Oh, you sweet thing
How I adore you.
No matter how many sips
I still long for you.

It’s never enough
Even when I have made you mine
You need to show me how much you love me each and every time.

Hold me at night.
Hold me tight.

Will it be the oceans that washes us apart?

Oh shall you always carry my heart?
Zack Ripley Mar 2020
It's funny.
If there was one thing
people could agree on,
It's that we didn't have enough time.
But now that we have all the time
In the world, we're slowly
losing our minds
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