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I S A A C Dec 2021
my life is a rollercoaster
point blank period
I always know what fearlessness is
I always understand the rush of belief
but sometimes I want everything to stop
to exist in a pocket of time, to do whatever I like
not be pushed and pulled
hauled and trawled
stalled and enthralled
if I had a penny for every scream
I would be able to relish in greed
I am so envious, what would it be like not to live like this
but this is me and I am incomplete without the rollercoaster
so I guess I have to enjoy my sh*t
Robert D Nov 2019
Where does the shore start and where does the ocean end?
The waves that pushes you to shore are the same waters that pulls you deeper into the ocean.
You're caught in the waters currents, struggling to stay afloat.
The ocean with its deepness so vast, so tempting, so dark, so alone.
The shore with its infinite sand so stark, so bright, so alluring, so plentiful.
When you look towards the shore, where do you start and where do you end?
Jean Sep 2018
I had a dream last night.
You were next to me
And I had to kiss you
Just because
you were too you.

You kissed me back
But then you pulled away
You said,
I gotta tell you something.”
You went on and on about some uncle
Until you finnaly got to the point
“I love you”
and I kissed you
and you kissed me
And I pulled away
To say
“I love you too.”

And then I woke up.
My eyes flew open.
My arms reaching for you.
But you weren’t there.
You never were.
Composed on 9.28.18
Jean Sep 2018
Your lips pulled at mine
******* me forward
Your mouth a vortex
A vaccumn in the cavern
And somehow
I think I gave it light
Composed on 8.31.18.
Sam Oct 2016
My head travels.
Was taken out of one,
and put in another.

No matter where I travel,
it will follow.

The constant dizziness,
The constant spinning,
The constant cycle.
To talk is to analyze
To analyze is to speculate
To speculate is to hurt
To hurt is to...
Erika Castaldo Dec 2015
An invisible noose
Was around my
When you told
Me you didn’t
Want me.

You couldn’t tell
How hard it
Pulled on my
When you walked

I held onto
The rope choking
When I seen
You everyday
And had to
Pretend nothing ever
Existed between

The stool slipped
From beneath my
When I watched
You staring at her
Until you got
The courage to
Ask her

I swung from
The rope
While I seen
You place a
Ring on her
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