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Connecting the Unconnected

((Material, Bonds, Time...))
Bonds, Time, Material
My life has a reaction entropy of positive infinity
Vaughn Jun 26
Love is just like Math.
A point,
Where everything starts.
Line segment,
Where we have beginning and an end.
Intersecting lines,
Where our paths have crossed a certain point.
Parallel lines,
Where our paths never crossed.
And a Ray,
Where we have a beginning and no end.
Empire Jun 11
Procrastinated all day
So here we go...
Caffeine high
Music so loud
Laptop out
Calculator ready
Let do this.
Michael H Jun 3
In all those stories
reacting with youth

everyone is gathered
in my head

I try to free NASA
there are time errors though
with lasers

I need help
thinking about
390 Looking to post something... this is random but I have always liked aeronautics. The US is planning to put a laser into the Earth's orbit, to shoot down missiles from space. Whether for or against I would like to voice soon...
Michael H May 25
Old part of remote facility
We exalt you
You are angelic
There is no leftover –
Just images of truth

Rapport with emotive-figures
All against reality
Let it sit
I am truly an engineer
We rally this

They rely on us
We'll take them right
Given our sight
And seeing the light
Of this:

Might humble you
The view so prolific
They may go hyper
We are ready though
Rest assured
Kayla Hardy Jan 22
It is sudden and total
distinguishing and dangerous
fluctuating and gives no warning
occurring frequently but is always present
relatively a much more complicated phenomenon
the initiation is dark and repeated in very large numbers
different members fracture from the tension
gradually the level strain will yield
but then time can and will vary
until we’re static again.

Source: Richard G. Budynas and J. Keith Nisbett, “Shigley’s Mechanical Engineering Design”, McGraw Hill, 2015
Lalima Yadav Jun 2018
The terms (bridge, shoring, wall, critical flow, centrifugal pump, lintels and neutral axis ) used in this poem are some basic terms that every civil engineering student should know. Be creative while you study!
Inspired from a civil engineering book.

“Here I write
From the core of my heart
For no other than but you my love.

Like a bridge,
You're carrying my paths over every obstacle,
You're the one you've made my life stable.

Like a shoring,
You've strengthened me when I was shattered
You've done so well to me and that mattered.

Like a wall,
You've been so defensive.
You've offered me the best of the best relationships.

Like a critical flow,
My love for you is deepened,
You've left an impression which is permanent.

Like a centrifugal pump,
You've allowed my feelings to gel up perfectly in me,
You've made me feel beautiful and free.

Like lintels,
You've provided me with the required way
You've shown me the places where I can grow and play.

Over and above,
You've become the critical neutral axis of my life,
Let's stay together and celebrate life."
What say-- Yay or nah?
sarthak vadalkar May 2018
Starting to study
At 12:00 in the night,
So, me or sleep
Who will win the fight.

10 chapters, 10 hours
The statistics are clear,
Earth sees its apocalypse
And the end is coming near.

Trying hard not to sleep
And a lot harder to study,
Wasted so much time
As if were in no hurry.

Two pages are done
But that’s not enough,
333 more pages to go,
The night's gonna be rough.

Still 10 chapters to go
And hours left are five,
Amidst the chaos
How I'm going to survive?

Now turning the pages
Faster than vin diesel’s car,
Reading all at once
I'm a studying superstar!

Then trying to pray
To all new and old gods.
Wars have been won
Against the greater odds.

(In the exam hall)

Question paper be like
It was from outer space,
Somehow I survived
Making it a great chase.

After a few answers
And a long staring at wall,
Gathering myself,
I left the exam hall !
Not getting time for poetry as exams are going on, so i tried to write something about the exams only :p
Susanna Mar 2018
Roses are red

Nowadays, roses
Can be pretty much any color
Thanks to genetic engineering.
I bet you  could even find ones that glow in the dark.

Violets are blue

But most people prefer violet violets.
So they tend to only come in violet.

Sugar is sweet

I don't really know what love is,
And my emotions are all shades of gray.
But I can't get your smile out of my mind.

And so are you

I bet you would never guess
How much I think about you
Because I am just part of the background.
I am a stranger to you.
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