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Vera City May 2020
Oh! Alexa... hi..
I didnt mean to wake you
Please go back to sleep
Vera City May 2020
to keep
is to
strictly limit
the spectrum
acceptable opinion
very lively debate
that spectrum"
- Noam Chomsky
Proclaimed anarchist Noam Chomsky comments on social engineering
Vera City May 2020
How they ridicule Jim,
The neighbourhood loner:
"wears a tinfoil hat" and
"turns his wifi off at night"

They all brand him a kook:
"well, you know he's a stoner,
funny coincidence though,
his forecasts have proved right!"
Vera City May 2020
Beware ancient grudge
Either the red or the blue
It is all purple
Vera City May 2020
One simple phrase to tear us wide
Make us writhe and squirm
Three­ words to promise eternal hold
And leaving us aching, and sobbing to death

Make us writhe and squirm
Pleading and crying for a reprieve
And leave us aching, and sobbing to
Ripped at the seams and naked

Pleading and crying for a repreive
As hostility becomes mundane
Ripped at the seams and naked
Lies the passionate monogamist

As hostility becomes mundane
Dual passions are fuelled by the
                                             state of  bliss
Lies the passionate monogamist
Cannot see for the rage

Many hear them...
Three words that promise eternal hold
"Divide and Conquer"
One simple phrase to tear us wide apart
Vera City May 2020
When you're born, like I,
to a fortunate line
its vital you make best use of your time
guiding the way for the impoverished below,
ensuring their well-being and economies grow...

How you ask?
What an excellent query!
The work is relentless
but I remain cheery
our goal of saving the uneducated poor
is closer than it has ever been before!
We've got Bayer for health
Monsanto for food
solid profitable businesses
looking out for you
And let's not forget the allseing EarthNow
blanketing the sky with live satellite shroud
designed for government and large enterprise
soon everyone can trust us to be their eyes
Yep, We've got you covered!
We vet information
so there's no danger you'll have inclination
to doubt for a minute that we know what's right
to quell confusion measures must be tight
When this is over,
just wait and see!
We will emerge triumphantly
A united global community
Oh yes, there'll be austerity,
For everyday folks not the super wealthy
It's a simple case of superiority
Don't worry
Conditioning has ensured you will love slavery
Just don't think too hard
Simply listen to me
A candid chat with Bill Gates about his philanthropic exploits and business investments...
Vera City May 2020
When digging for answers
I found a new level
Kept shovelling deeper
Ran in to the devil

He offered protection
He baited with vice
Through his ringmaster's grin
Promised Paradise

Politely, I declined
In peace, took my leave
He tracked me and traced me
Devoid of reprieve

His net cast so broadly
An erroneous shove
What he didn't see coming
Incalculable love
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