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No matter how much strength of yours is kept
It always comes back down to whom you know
For every time you think you are adept
The caws of meritocracy doth crow

Americans have dreamt in dreams of gold
High hopes upheld with promises of clout
By working hard there’s fortune to behold
Lest lack of means cause gatekeepers to doubt

Yes, push that rubble up the sacred hill
To watch it fall and tumble to the depths
For all eternity it is your will
To pay with sweat and blood for all your debts

Perhaps if only there were something more
To lifting destitution from the floor
a sonnet for the oppressed
for peace in solidarity.
A Simillacrum Jun 2018
Ancient page
Ancient day
Grant me insight
If you please in this way:
Sight of the light
Before the blessed gate
Eden, safe

These towers shall fall
These lowly shall rise
These in power forget
These towers disgrace
The Firmament when
The Chalice flows over:

triztessa Nov 2017
failing to see my mistakes
is holding you against my back
we are memoirs with curved edges
we are hollow when we speak

my reflection is clear
and concise with words i dread
like the afternoon
we forgot how to hold each other
we were broken pieces
in jars of clay
ready to unfold
our unkept promises
to be broken down again

i have not thought of loving
for weeks i run passed
my days
an endless train
of emotionless
tattered thoughts

i am ready
to be filled again
and down goes my desires

i am more than seeking the feeling
of having a hand to hold
reaching for somebody close,
or pass the time with
another entity, another soul
to play disguise with

i am at the gates
and i am holding them open
with my cold, bare hands.
Ah magnificence
how temperament will change
the world at large
for they'd abandon these cages

as force fields now presume
their quadrants in June
and search for those left decides
these pastures albeit unknown

while green meadows I've forebode
managing lifestyle as abridged
heretofore these days of being heard
that altogether here's my play

where inflation surely wield
as weird alienation might sprout
importunate places likeness kin
and then shoot gorilla not extinct

these dawns upon gatekeeper
meld, have brought Milwaukee Instagram
with certain flair now upstream
in these gardens is reform!
Political and noteworthy

— The End —