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Fọlá Nov 24
Let’s go to places we’ve never been.
    Let’s go see things we’ve never seen.
    Let me show you a world beyond your dreams.
    Cause together, me and you, we’re a team.

    I don’t wanna take you on a thrill.
    I want to show you my love is real.
    Show you that a man could make all your doubts, seem so little.
    That a man could ease your life, no troubles.

    That a man could fill you, with so much mettle.
    Make all your worries, fickle.
    Your problems, dwindle.
    Your trials, nimble.

    A man that will tell no fables.
    That will make your body, his temple.
    That will make your heart, settled.
    And your place in his heart, nestled
    Place You, on a pedestal.
    On the very highest, of levels.
‘The Highest Level’ is a poem about a man’s promises to his lady. The promise of love, ease and happiness. Enjoy.
i love you so much baby. i will never let go. ever. we will be together forever and we'll be so happy. i promise.
Verse 1
It's been so long since
I've talked with you
You know I've been
deep in despair
And just as much as
I wish it wasn't true,
I've felt like you haven't been
with me there
to comfort me when I
need it most,
to let me know you
really care
But now I'm thinking,
"What if I was the ghost?
What if I wasn't being fair?"
I regret all that I did,
and I'll do anything I can
to fix this

I wanna march around the city
of Jericho
I wanna blow the trumpets and
make these walls tumble
I'll shout as loud as I can to
let you know I'm here,
so don't you shed a tear
I won't be going anywhere
for a while
I'll stay in the promised land
and I won't miss your smile
I promise you to never again
throw this away
And let me tell you why
with this simple phrase
I love you

Verse 2
All those times that I've
neglected you,
just the thought of it
breaks my heart
I did some things I knew
I shouldn't do,
and over time,
we drifted apart
I forgot to tell you just
how much,
how much you really
mean to me
And now I’m hoping
it's not too late
to go back to where
I need to be
I'm hoping that this is
not the end
I'll do everything in my power
to make amends


And when all the cement
starts to *****,
and all the bricks and the stones
are under attack,
I'll be ready to
run inside
I'll make sure to
hold you tight
I'll find you and
take your hand
We'll make it out of
the dust and the sand
And I'll be sure that
we don't bend
We won't end....

CHORUS (2 times)
This song is about neglecting someone you love and care deeply about, feeling the guilt of it, and making a promise to them to never do so again. I wrote the song when I was about 15-16 years old, originally about my straight best friend who I was obliviously in love with at the time; back then, I somehow deducted from a dream I had about her and the fact that we'd been drifting apart, that I had neglected her as a friend (which, in a way, was true - because she knew that, at an earlier point in our friendship, I'd gotten an intense urge to kiss her on the lips during one of our sleepovers, which I never acted on). So, to make up for it, I decided that spending a lot more time with her would solve that problem. Needless to say, that didn't pan out for me as well as I'd hoped.

Reading back over the lyrics a few months ago (having long been over the first girl), I realized that they still applied to my life in some way; this time, I was and still am (knowingly) in love with a pansexual nonbinary individual, and the reason that I felt I was neglecting them was because there were certain limitations/insecurities I had, that were holding me back from seeing the possibility that I could take care of them and be their person. One of them being that I don't have my license or a car at 22, and all my folks have jobs/other commitments; the other one being that some of our interests differ from each other, so I didn't know if we would mesh well as a couple because of that.

I have somewhat worked through the latter insecurity, however; one of their biggest interests is cosplay, which I've never been into, and obviously, a big part of that is acting. Now that I'm running a fan film production company called the Rilaya Indie Project (and I believe they would be a perfect Riley, which I have expressed to them and they've been enthusiastic about), I have found some common ground there.

Now the license thing, I'm still working on. I still have a big fear of possibly hurting myself or others  on the road, but I am determined to get my license and a car so that I can see my adorable enby more often.

And now, for some Fun Facts:

1. I have a video on YouTube of me singing this song completely a cappella - which I don't normally do because I have an intense fear of singing in front of people. I don't have very many videos on my Channel at the moment, so if you just search my name on YouTube, it shouldn't be too hard to find.

2. The line "We won't end" originally read "'Cause, my friend," because I was vaguely aware of the romantic feelings I had for my straight best friend back when I wrote the song, and I remember adamently pushing any notion of those feelings to the back of my mind whenever they came up. This was just one of the ways I did it, I guess!

3. I plan to name one of my future kids after this song when I'm older, paired with Martin as a middle name
zandranix Nov 22
If only
Knew her sheen; the luster

If only
Knew her cherished soul

Our wretched world therein

A single promise
To protect
Such fragility

Where the lilac
Sway lazily

Quick to become ablaze
But swiftly serene

An enigma
Sought out by many
Where the greed consumes

The selfishness
I feel
For her presence

And I thank ***
The metaphysical
For this blessing
I will always be there for you.
Calliope Nov 21
Trusting you like this
Feels like sharing one breath;
The drumroll before the kiss.
Your exhale becoming my inhale.
Your forehead on mine.
Our eyelashes grazing each other.

Our proximity is electric and charged,
but innocent and patient.
Only taking what we are given,and
Worshipping every broken piece like the
Promises we made that beautiful day in November.

I know we aren’t together,
But this can’t just be friends.
My heart is a canteen,
carrying the entire ocean.
It’s salty, and the tide is always high.
The waves are where ships go to wreck.
But when you saw it in its entirety, you recognized its depth.

And you called it amazing.
You said you would cherish it always.
I want the lifeguard to reel you in and lock you out,
I do not trust my current, you will be torn out to sea.
But you said you’d always protect me.
And the absurdity of that makes me want to believe you.
shåi Nov 20
shot after shot
i let myself
slip from reality

as i traded shotglasses
into trips down
to the local liquor store

liquid happiness
turned into liquid sadness
as i wondered if
i could feel such tranquilities

ever again

i used my
liquid sins
to build houses
of velvet in my head

i thought i could
make the little
fires of pain
just go away

i strolled down
the streets of memory
hoping i could find
solace before the daybreak

the adrenaline rush
seemed to be all i needed
just a little something
to feel nothing....

Calliope Nov 20
I want to create.
I want to make something worth your
attention, something that makes you see me.
Words have never worked.
Sorrys are always forced.
Promises are always broken.
But what I will forge out of the steel
and iron that kept me in darkness, will
radiate Power.
A fire of destroying pain.
A fire of cleansing pasts.
And a fire to radiate my love and
presence so you will be forced to
see me.
Johnny walker Nov 18
For a strange reason  can't  
get my head around how
someone can be here one
minute then gone and
life Just carry on as If they
were never
The rich and the famous
will always be remembered,
so I  thought why not my
wife she Is so deserving  so
I'm going  to make Helen
known throughout the world
by the poems, I write that have
come to being  through
This gift I've been given I will
use to make Helen known to as
many people In the world that
I can as this a promise made to
A promise I made to myself that will honour to my wife Helen till I can write no more
Trickster drizzle peters,
Expectant trees are mawkish;
Rain’s failed sweet promise!
Efa Nuryani Nov 18
If anything, your lies and promises used to and still be my favorite reminiscences...
Yet, my remorse, darling?
Was yearning for your fictitious love...
Giving you a happified privilege to watch me angsting and dying for nothing...

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