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Elysianne Sep 25
Whenever I see two trunks of a tree
joined together as twins
I think of you
and wish we could share their bond

I'd gather all the water and air in the world for you
to watch you grow
into the magnificent and majestic being
you were always meant to be

— Elysianne
It’s so beautiful to find twin trees in forests.
Bede Sep 25
You let me live for you
And this is what I'll do
The pinkies man, I ******* loved it. I promise. Forever and always.
Alexis Sep 24
would the sun
still shine the same,
if it’s own tomorrow
was never promised?
JDL Sep 22
Like a beast’s attraction to the hunter’s artificial call, the enchanting spell of ecstasy transforms the decoy into a beauty beyond imagination only to be broken when the betrayal of it’s soul-seeking arrow sinks deep.
It’s easy to be tricked by the calls and decoys that life presents which fail to fulfill what they always promise.
Enas Sep 22
27th. August. 2014

Once, a promise..

Stronger, kinder and wiser..

A silent seeker..

Today, a creed..

Tenacious, gracious and sagest..

A singing sophist..
Enas Sep 22
Wandering soul, keep searching,

roaming this desert in peaceful pace.

A year without rain, a well you find;

hollowness it is, too deep

and all dispersed.

Fall in, unyielding devil;

veiled in the darkness,

no souls, only echoes,

aching thirst, numb fingertips

and beams of hope.

Close your eyes, dark angel,

float down a water dreamscape;

your yearning heart is speechless,

in memories, it believes

in a well flowing with tears.

Dive deeper, weeping well;

all is concealed but a thank you,

transcend into a sapphire ocean.

In this flowing freedom, you live!

for a dear face, for a new promise.
thesa Sep 19
with my head on your chest
i listen to your heartbeat
and i know i've promised
i would never get addicted

but please tell me
how i'm supposed to stop
falling for you
Irina BBota Sep 17
Arrogant sunset
Reveals Yesterday’s secret
Promising the Moon
Erian Sep 10
From now on
I'll try
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