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If you don't like prom
You make anti-prom
The "stick it to the man" statement
But in that statement
There is a silent note
It could be that you wanted to go
But couldn't
Wanted to be asked or ask
But wouldn't
Felt a longing to see it
But were too scared
Anti-prom makes a statement
Not always the one you want
When you label anti-prom
You somehow label yourself
If you just don't like the prom
And honestly don't care
You wouldn't feel the need
To stage an anti-prom
You just wouldn't go
Or maybe just had a party
Not saying it was anti-prom
Just having your friends over
Anti-prom is a silly cliche
That tell the world
"The prom hurt me in someway"
Though I am tempted to stage an anti-prom
I know the statement I'm making
I'm saying
"I'm a little too scared to go to prom"
I admit it
I do
The biggest cliche
Next to the prom itself
Keith J Collard Aug 2012
Colonial mansion, in an ocean of grass,
windows aglow as I walk past.
funeral service now used of verandah,
but I hear music, not mournful stanza.
french doors open to a reminisce,
with boyhood heart, of vitreous.

Footfalls on parquet floors,
tux and gown past crown moulded doors.
captured ambiance of a setting sun,
shown from chandeliers highly hung,
day I was born, born the day of prom,
I smiled cordially, and my date fawned.

Girls betrothed by corsage on wrist,
rare french curls--a lunar eclipse.
bedraggled boys now dapper and genteel,
vest and bow-tie, a knightly feel.
chapperesses smiling at maidenly gait,
happy drowse in  mansion estate.

Cuff-links, silk gloves, nail polish of gloss,
beheld tonics and sweets, carefully aloft.
opening cord, an arrow from cupid's bow,
striking coquettes to their tippy toes.
they sprang to dance,I stepped back,
invisible in shadow with tux of black.

Shoulders, lake ripples easing to shore,
hips, gentle waves, right before they pour.
boys stiff, as if waists beheld sabers,
legs, sweeping brooms of on shore waiters.
"your too handsome to stay here unseen,"
said rivaling chaperess, past semblance of queen.

"You should dance ,"said glittered lips of pink,
bent like sparrow wings, during teacup drink.
privy to why in shadow I hid my blush,
her class my crush, that crushed me so much.

She strained me, even the shadows she gave,
black silk, stretching,--convex and concave.
crude metal and wood classroom seat,
clasped her waist of slender physique.
she was guarded by a window in curtain mail,
and tended to by servants of light and gale.
light loved her skin of Mediterranean sand,
and wind enthralled by each and every brown strand.

Light penetrated strands, blondly hot,
wind would blow, cooling pony tail off.
her shadow curtsied under my desk,
long legs danced in irritableness.
mourning class is abuzz with scent of prom,
flower not frost, rules the school's dawn.

I gave my consent, to an earlier invite,
then on, suitor blinded me with light.
and Great Gatsy, and looming prom night,
subjects of sparrow wings pressed tight.
" show of hands, who do not have a date?"
slender wrist arises, from an arm curvate.

alone, she shown that no one asked her,
this stone of Rome amongst boys of plaster.
hand fell with boy of teachers match,
wind shrouded her,from the window sash
rays gave discomfort,to gaze her way,
but I looked through burning ray--

To see a trace of a tear,in eyes ovate,
a goddess unsought, with sadful face.
I, poor, fatherless, could not possibly go,
to prom with princess of arched portico?
I could not interweave my hands to dance,
or know where I could place my glance.

Wind blew a scrap from her desk, indiscreet,
it was pierced by light at my feet.
"will" and "with" were dotted with a heart,
"prom" and "me" before most painful part.
my name in her beautiful free hand,
the color red from hearts inkstand.

(Class bell rings) I travel over star lit lawn,
the music gets louder as I return to prom,
eyes turn to cotton, in shadow as I ponder,
as pain was forgotten, I came upon her.
invisible hands, lifted my chin to a red shape,
our eyes met, her's smiling, mine agape.

Only a glass-maker could imagine my sight,
seeing hot curves form in dance floor light.
only a wax-wing could have rivaled her eyes,
waves gently broke to gown down her thighs.
"will you dance with me,"she softly entreated,
" I don't know how,"a coward repeated.

A princess which tournaments were held,
for which every timber of mansion were felled.
not for Rome the mansion's Corinthian column--
--for her--from quarry prom did befall them.
I could not tarnish this feminine form,
with my lineage in crown she adorned.

I turned from beauty, to dark acres tread,
under willow, I play the last thing she said--
my name--as I shunned from last chance,
now back under willow, cane marks my stance.
I have preserved her forever, shying fate,
even if it was with my own heart-break.

I still see her--in the most beautiful prom poses--
--still--as lights flicker out and a coffin closes.
Judypatooote Apr 2014
Prom Time ~ Past...

What an exciting time it was.
High School Prom...
It seems like we girls were
More excited over this dance
Then those boys....
Mom i need a dress,
So mom would make me a dress.
New fancy earrings...
An evening made special
For a Cinderella... oh we girls
Were all in a make believe
Cinderella 1958
Curfew 12a.m. don't be late

Prom Time ~ Present...

My grandson was ask to prom
By a girl who baked him cupcakes
That spelled out PROM?
Very creative, who wouldn't
Except that invitation....
Limo picking them up,
Off to a restaurant,
Followed by dancing and gabbing,
And the after prom....
All night long, chaperones, snacks, games.
Curfew ~ morning ... don't be late... 2014

The Prom was and is what you make it...A MEMORY

by ~ judy
My boyfriend asked me if I wanted to go to our Senior Prom last year.
Then, he said he would come up with a better way to ask me this year.
So, he spent the last few months thinking and thinking about how to.
Yesterday, he decided on asking me while on one knee , by the cafe.
Only, he realized that it would seem a little strange if he did it that way.
So instead, when we were sitting on our bench today, he just asked me.
He said, "Wanna go to prom?" with a goofy smile on his face, I giggled.
Then, I said, "Sure!" Then we just started talking about prom and stuff.
I can't wait to go to my Senior Prom with someone that I really love.
And, we're also going to the Homecoming dance that's here tomorrow.
He showed me his shirt and tie, which made me smile, I do that a lot.
Just getting to go to the Homecoming Dance and Senior Prom with him.
I can't even begin to explain how happy this makes me feel right now.
I mean, I never imagined that I would have a boyfriend , at all, really.
And then, I asked him out during Sophomore year, and he said yes.
I don't have any idea why, we barely knew each other, but he did.
Then, we got to know each other, and I began to fall in love with him.
Then he got scared of getting hurt and decided to break up with me.
That was last September, and about six months later, he smiled at me.
Then, I found out that he really had never stopped liking me that way.
I asked if he wanted to get back together, this was on April 1st, 2015.
Now, it's been five months, and we are actually stronger than we were.
I love him so much and want to be with him for a very, very long time.
My mom doesn't trust him because of how he hurt me the first time.
And I understand, she says, "You can't marry him, date, but not marry."
And no, I'm not thinking about marriage, I'm only 17, too young.
But, that being said, I really wanna be with him for a long time.
Even if that means just being boyfriend and girlfriend, well, forever.
These four words, "Wanna go to prom?" may seem simple or cliche.
But, not to me, if you ask me what these four words means to me.
To me, these four words mean that he really does love & want me.
That he wants to take me to the most important event of High school.
And mostly, that we are in it for the long haul, we will make it last.
And I really love that he wants to go to these dances & things with me.
Because, I usually don't go, because I feel so out of place, strange.
But when I went two years ago with him, it was completely different.
I started dancing right away, not caring about how weird I looked.
I can't dance, but when I saw him dancing, I just smiled and moved.
He made me feel so comfortable, and he was there for me all night.
When I had an anxiety attack, he sat with me, and bought me Gatorade.
Because he said he wanted to do, "Whatever makes you feel better."
That was the sweetest thing I'd ever heard anyone say to me before.
And now, I look forward to dancing with him, because he's amazing.
I can be myself when I'm with him, and he can be himself with me.
We don't hide things from each other, well, not this time around.
Now, we tell each other about however we're feeling, we care.
These, and many other reasons, are why "Wanna go to prom?"
Means enough for me to write a long paragraph about them :)
I just realized how sappy this thing is lol But, I was asked to prom by my boyfriend today, and am in a very great mood. Thanks for reading this if you did. If you liked it, feel free to like and/or comment, or neither, whatever you wanna do is fine. Again, thanks for reading this, bye! :)
Infamous one  Apr 2013
Infamous one Apr 2013
It's around prom time so I thought I'd share my prom night experience. Getting a date failed I had for possiblities who ever said yes would've been my date. I went stag hung out with my best friend and his date
On the way to the prom we got lost so we missed majority of it. The prom was at some mansion after prom we stayed at a hotel. I drank a few and passed out. Now the story has a twist the date my friend had didnt workout but ended up having another night with his dates friend.
She had to drop off her date do that's how these two ended up hooking up.
I hung with this girl who didn't have a date she out drank me and passed out. The next morning was awkward my best friend and the new hook up were busy so I had to wait to go home.
I went home all of shame hung o er and no action but I was in HS I didn't expect much
WistfulHope  Jan 2015
WistfulHope Jan 2015
My dress, my dress
Girls gabbing about Prom
The almighty Prom
It's all any of you talk about
December to May
What dress to buy
What hair to have
But all I can think about is him
And how I'd love
To have our own
Prom, a private prom
And just be with him
This is **** and I don't care. (Yes I do... :/ )

17 weeks away and I'm already sick of the Prom talk. Ugh.
I just want to see him.
Arcassin B  Oct 2016
Senior Prom
Arcassin B Oct 2016
By Arcassin Burnham

I'll never have a dance with a girl that I've
Had my eye on since the first day,
I'll never see the neon lights and all ball room
Fights they like to have in these good days,
There's more to being a boy sitting all alone
And never being on the dancefloor,
But do I give a **** about all those things I'll
Never get to explore....
At Senior Prom,
At Senior Prom,
At Senior Prom.....

So when I hear them talk about the life I've always lost about
What to wear and what car to drive,
Or if I say I never wanted the same to go through what every generation
Has to go through they'll step on my pride,

Ain't the **** supposed to be segregated away,
Don't wanna live in reality,everything is just a phase,
What if I gave all of my time and never let it go to waste,
It's funny how life works , nobody will dance with me anyway,
At Senior Prom,
At Senior Prom,
At Senior Prom.
-  May 2014
- May 2014
prom itself is just an overglorified dance
the after party is where the real fun begins
sitting at the kitchen table of my best friend's house
sipping strawberry margaritas her mom made
then progressing to shots of tequila
and playing shots uno, steadily getting more and more dizzy
until i'm trying to twerk on a wall
and calling my friends to tell them i love them
pretending to be a koala on an armrest
updating my snapchat story so people at other gatherings can be jealous
forgetting how to pull my pants back up in the bathroom
talking to my ex boyfriend for an hour on the phone, telling him
exactly why i didn't dance with him at prom
and that i fingered myself for a boy
and i wanted to tell him and everyone, for that matter, about her
but i didn't because rejection and rumors are my worst enemies
he stays quiet and the only sound left is
my frantic whispering that i hope i stay this happy in the morning
because sober me lays in the deep end of the spectrum of sadness
Soph Haze Jul 2014
You wouldn't be my prom date because you’re “actually straight” and everything with me was “just a phase”, yet you made out with me on the dance floor in front of everyone and whispered in my ear “I wish I’d gone to prom with you”. And then we spent the whole night together, but only because you were drunk.
It’s funny how things work out for the gay girls in high school… I can still be your best friend though. I mean, it’s better than nothing.
Dia  Apr 2014
Prom Dress
Dia Apr 2014
My thighs are stinging and bleeding
My head so badly aches
My breaths come out as heaving
My hands shake

I tried on my prom dress
And it made me break down and cry
So full of regret,
I guess I'll just stay home that night
Did you know that I'm unhappy?
So depressed that I want to die
No one cares enough to help me, though
I'll just try to keep to myself; it's alright
I look disgusting in my prom dress and it depressed me so I wrote a poem about it. *shrug*
Xyns  Feb 2015
Xyns Feb 2015
Why go to prom?
I'd be happier at home
Drinking and smoking
Being all alone

— The End —