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Kiki Shaw May 2019
did you hear the murderous yell
when they announced
"there's a dead girl in the pool!"
did it make you shiver, make you squirm
did you watch her mother weep?
did you see the unbearable
blood, pulsing out
streaming from her eyes?
her new Chanel dress
blossoming orange now
as she lay perfect in the pool.
do you wish that she was you?
you're the one who put that
poor girl there-

The dead girl in the pool.
sebastian ky May 2019
he watches me from across the room
he smiles,
i fantasize a dance with him
my chest against his
moving in sync with his body
and as our dance would end
and i might confess him
my fantasy ends
and he dances with his queen
i sink back and remember he and i
were never meant to be
tru tho
Ek Apr 2019
neon pink across my face
the blurry blacks of dance
a prize of beauty to be blessed

on the dancefloor acting
a girl's not just a girl
she's the light of the night

and tuneless swayings
swell of mightiest feelings
a dance is hers to be given
Riveá Apr 2019
Life is short so don't be afraid of living.
Go on wild adventures and make stupid mistakes.
Kiss the person you've always wanted and attend your senior prom.
Go cliff diving and dance in the rain.
Watch the sun rise whenever you can and tell those special people you love them.
Life is short so don't be afraid to live.
Anna Jackson Feb 2019
Weary eyed shop workers curse the sight of dawn,
A drunken Hen stumbles and her tutu gets torn,
The smell of burning chip fat invades my nose,
‘Chips for breakfast?!’ I cry, chewing marshmallows,
I venture towards the tower feeling free as a bird,
When SPLAT on my shoe lands a seagull ****.
Rough with the smooth - that’s what this town’s all about,
I think as a man pulls his Jokebooks out,
‘It’s for charity!’ he lies. ‘I live here mate..’
‘Oh right, soz love, fancy a date?’’
I ignore the geezer and gaze out to the sea,
Wondering where the Lochness Monster might be..
Soaking up the sights as 2 drunks start to fight,
‘OI’ I shout, as a kid sets a bin alight.
Skaters jump like kangaroos on the bandstand,
As health freaks tut, running rapid on the sand.
Children charge like apes in supersensory mazes,
While parents eye arcades with terror on their faces,
Suddenly crisp packets dance in the air,
As the wind picks up and whips at my hair.
‘It’s hometime for me!’ A hailstone hits my eyeball,
And the blue sky runs behind some grey clouds of storm,
There’s not many places with 4 seasons in a day!
So don’t let the weather throw you into disarray.
‘Blackpool’ I say, ‘a town of stark contrast…’
As a horse driven carriage then a rat stroll past.
A town to make memories no matter how worn,
That time never erases as new ones get born.

Back in Bispham, where the prom’s a bit safer,
The oldies don’t buy 3 Hammers, just pies and papers,
I step off the number 11 bus and shout ‘Thanks!’
The bus driver grunts, takes his hand out his pants,
Then speeds down our beautiful, glistening prom,
Full of lights that probably shouldn’t still be on.
Ashari Ty Feb 2019
I like your look; the contrast
You look so happy
yet your dress is blue
I'd race the sunset
Beat the horizon
Just to dance
And see you wear my feelings
You looked so pretty last night that I wished it lasted longer than the evening so I could maybe catch up and go there.
Mohannie Feb 2019

The blonde boy walked up to the brunette girl
He asked her out to the high school prom
The girl looked up to him and said

"What's the catch?"

Mohannie Jan 2019
If only mom knew
That what I really wanted
Was to go with her.
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