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Yasha Harkness Nov 2015
Is this what we are
Kings of Despair, each one
Cowering in the dark like a beaten puppy
Feeding on the ragged scraps of each others' hate
Hearts heavier than gravity's weight can make
Us lonely planets, in empty galaxies,
Revolving around our own atrocities
Damage equal care unequal
This peculiar punishment given to us humans of the planet earth.
Watching ourselves self-destruct,
And asking the vast universes for sympathy
Why, it will not bleed away our apathy
Perhaps its instinctual
Species memory: the blood of the Other sprayed over our own flesh
Rejoicing in the promise of an untainted heaven
Regardless of our own sins.
#prayforhumanity In wake of the recent terror attacks all over the world. (Not just in Paris)
Thomas Newlove Nov 2015
When you are a young white boy
You learn that "God" loves everyone
And you should too because
Everybody matters.

Then, you find out by yourself that,
What they actually meant,
Was that "God" treats everyone equally -
Nobody matters.

We are all equally irrelevant.
Just vessels awaiting our white sheets.

Sometime later you learn that,
While nobody matters, it is the loudest
Voices that have the least to say -
Idiots clatter their saucepans during evening discussions.

So as the blue, white, and red shine brightly across the world
While the Eiffel Tower remains silenced by tragedy,
It is the deafening strains of the bandwagon we hear
Struggling to cope with its passengers,

While the repeated explosions of idiots
Continue to clatter their saucepans all over the world
And the Facebook ramblings and Twitter chirps
Of disillusioned folks who didn't ever
Learn that their toys don't matter.
That their race or gender or religion doesn't matter.

Nobody, myself included, seems to grasp
The concept that we are all irrelevant,

Nobody, except those awaiting
Identification and burial,
Those who are comforted
By candles, flowers, and white sheets,
Who are whispering in the wind
The same question that eludes us all:

"Why is the world full of hate and evil men?"

And maybe it is in the acceptance
Of a spiteful "God", the acceptance
Of a mean, angry, vengeful pig of a "God",
A "God" who hates... Or maybe
It is in the asking of that very question:

That whisper in the icy November wind
That burns your hands at football matches
Or sitting outside in restaurants,
That makes them matter a great deal.
A bit of an instant reaction to 13th November 2015 but delayed uploading for obvious reasons. Pray for Paris or anywhere else if it comforts you but actions speak louder than words and the burning questions need to be addressed. Not by hate but with humanity and unity.
When bodies lay still
But hearts beat heavy with rage
Loved ones fallen pale and cold
Vengeance beats
In those whose blood is still warm

Mothers wail in anguish
Old men bellow for vengeance
Heroes hear their cries
And answer the call

Drawn over a short life
Sheets stained crimson
Cloak the world
As they’re raised
For banners of war

Evil is a fire
Left unchecked it consumes all
It takes heroes to rise against it
To see what it has caused and stand
Mr Mojo Risin Nov 2015
Paris my love, your more than my friend... your city has suffered death today but this isn't your end. Paris my love, we stand with you, Paris united and free! This world needs parted with terrorist ****** and we shall part it like mosses and the sea! Paris my love, imagine no religion, there's scars upon your face! What's happened to you has only left scars upon all the human race! No bomb can bring us down my love, we shall overcome!! we stand with you Paris my love through the sands o' time that run, and with every prayer for Paris, is a prayer for humanity in tow. We stand in awe of you Paris my love, I will never let you go.

#PrayForParis ❤️
Robert Guerrero Nov 2015
The sound of gunshots
A silent crowd
Terror filled in a moment
Bodies scattered
Is this the world we came to create
Violence and death
A endless stream of blood
Just to get a message across
Too many lives wasted
As tears fall
Whats the point of living anymore
When death lurks around every corner
Hunting down innocence
With the barrels of evil intents
One prayer for Paris
Ten million for the lives of those taken
Lilly frost Nov 2015
Pray for Paris?
Why not pray for the world
Each city
Every country
Each province and state
They pray for Paris
Like they should
But pray for the world
And every hero that stood
Pray for the blood of innocence spilt
For this war of belief and silt
Pray for the world in this game of money and power
Pray for the world
To stop these extremes
You can keep your beliefs
But taking innocent lives?
Those people crossed the lines
Not all Muslims are evil
Not all roses are red
So pray for the world
For all who are dying
For all who are dead
Asim Javid Nov 2015
I woke up this morning and my name flashed on T.V.
They said i blew up places , they said i killed masses .
Men , women & children I murdered them all.
Who am I ?
I am a muslim and i am taking this fall.
They used my name and spread the terror.
I am not them , it surely is an error.
We, muslims, are the holders of peace , we spread love.
Why am I being  represented by their false actions.
I am a person, with different notions.
World will now brand me a terrorist.
Don't judge me by their actions , I insist.
I am not them, they pilfered my name.
They inflicted libel , and my religion to defame .
I have been robbed , robbed of my name.
I am a muslim , human like you , all the same.
My name has been robbed , my identity stolen
I deprecate the terror and mourn for fallen.
There are millions like me and humanity lies in our depths.
But we are all victims of Identity Theft* ...............
We Muslims condemn  the Paris attack.
Isaac Huston Nov 2015
The city of light
Having its darkest night
Since World War Two.

Double the body bags,
Yet no media hags
Turn their heads.

For there they say
But for Paris nay
And so we pay attention.


A suicide bomb
Over here,
Two hundred dead, we overhear
Wrapped into our daily news.

We pay it
Almost no heed
As the blood drips down to feed
The list of the dead.

We say
It is because we have grown
Accustomed, yet we have flown
Over the Coocoo's best to believe this.

The truth is,
Both for here
And there,
A white life is worth far more.

It is worth
10 Black American lives,
16 Hispanic or Asian lives,
27 Arab lives,
35 African lives,
These numbers
Straight from CNN
And the New York Times.

Do we not bleed the same blood?
Have we forgotten what it is to smile
Such that we cannot see ours are all the same?
What has happened to this world,
Once so gold and bright,
Now a darkened, saddened grey
As it weeps it's tears
Upon the red river
That runs through the valley of fears.
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