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Diána Bósa Mar 2020
I don't need to know my numbers,
because I am aware of my worth.
But to you, it either doesn't count.

Keep counting

It’s heavy, and the air is hot


Keep counting

I hear the screaming, and all the lies.

Come on girl, keep counting

1,2,3,4 snap snap

My hands are trembling I can’t quite see

But 1,2,3,4. Keep counting. You’ve gotta breathe.


That’s how many breaths you need
Count to 4. Count to 4.
Just. Keep. Counting.
This is how I handle my panic attacks. Counting to 4, and snapping on cue. Focuses the mind to some thing else. Sooner or later I’m not panicking. I’m counting, and I can breathe again.
Mysidian Bard Apr 2019
Five broken arrows
litter the great battlefield
of this weary heart.
Aaron LaLux Sep 2018
Gambling with Tarot cards,
got The Devil in the palm of my hands with the edges creased,
The Devils in the details and He knows me well,
holding 3 6’s plus card #15 The Mark of The Beast,

it’s when you’re the most up,
that they want you to leave the least,
it’s getting dangerous at the table,
I’ve got the whole pie and every guy wants a piece,

used to trade in seashells,
now we’ve got black cards and private tables for us VIPs,
and the lovely ladies know me well,
like a pizza pie or birthday cake everyone wants a piece,

it’s amazing what a few million will do,
and I’m confident so I don’t need a crew,
rolling solo till my cause of death reads “FOMO”,
I mean if you had these opportunities/risks you’d take them too,

which is why you can always find,
me at the table all in with my chips out,
no kids no wife no significant other,
so I’m spending it all on whichever chics has her **** out,

a conscious writer but still in a man’s body,
so how you like me now,
no Toby Keith or kobe beef,
just these og vegetables,

but I’m not what I eat,
I’m so much more,
and I’m not a meet and greet,
nor a mall because I’ve got much more in store,

so please pass the drinks por favor,

in Colombia with a straw and some Coca-Cola,
drinking so much I feel like the Drink King,
drinking like a Drink King,
listening to Drake sing his song “Controlla”,

in real life no real wife,
I mean I really know Drake,
but anyways I’m not here to get distracted,
so let me backtrack to the point I was trying to make,

which is that it’s tough to stay vicious,
when blessed with the gifts that so many wish to have,
which is sorta suspicious gift the fact that the 6 is,
a card that appears 6 times in the Tarot deck’s stack,

Six of Wands 6 of Swords,
Six of Cups Six of Pentacles,
6 to represent the card of The Lovers,
Tarot decks reflect my self we’re both collectibles,

only difference is with me there’s only one,
maybe that’s why they offer everything in exchange for only my time,
“Here take this money take these drugs take these luxuries!”,
“Take anything that will at least be a chance for me to call you mine!”,

says many Ones often but they are mistaken,
because I can’t be there’s I’m not even mine,
I am no one’s I am no thing,
I am only a part of The Whole which is The Divine,

and I know all this,
I know that I’ve been bestowed with all these blessings,
still I can’t help but fall victim to the sins within Man,
which is why I see you can find me at the table gambling things,

gambling with Tarot cards,
got The Devil in the palm of my hands with the edges creased,
The Devils in the details and He knows me well,
holding 3 6’s plus card #15 The Mark of The Beast…

∆ LaLux ∆
Aaron LaLux Aug 2018
Know thyself,
know your worth,
for if you don’t know yourself nor your worth,
then really your art work will hardly be worth the hard work,

but know yourself & know your work,
& every work of art will be worth it even if it isn’t perfect,
sure it's tough being of service in this whirlwind world circus of serpents,
but you will prevail if you steady your sails & navigate with your compass,

through the currents with a purpose enlightened & in service,

there are still good men amongst us,
though only a few it's true,
but their virtues are righteous enough to help us all pull through,
which compels me to ask if one of those righteous men might be you,

see nothing lasts forever,
but together we can build a few statues,
we can create a few solid things in this unstable world of chaos,
because it's not a coincidence that water freezes at the degree of 32˚,

because it's symbolic of solidifying something that's not solid,
so let me ask you again is one of those righteous men you?

∆ Aaron LaLux ∆

from The Holy Trilogy Vol.2: Manadalas
available worldwide here:
Aaron LaLux Dec 2017
This City’s,
got so much electricity,
I don’t even have to turn the lights on,
to feel like the lights are on,

in a constant state of Neon Dawn,
in a nauseous state of Beyond Numb,
it's obnoxious how Far We've Come,
at the same time how Dumb We've Become,

being put to sleep consistently,
by the constant sound of electrical hums,

how come,
we willingly put ourselves here,
in these cities in these boxes,
locked in our own insecurities & fears,

how come,
we willingly put ourselves here,
specifically right here & now at 33 Ultimo,
an Old Soul braving The New Frontier,

how come,
we willingly put ourselves here,
specifically right here & now at 33 Ultimo,
that’s not a joke that’s the address here,

33 Ultimo,

a building,
built by tax evading Chinese,
hiding their money from their own country,
but I guess we all hide something...

∆ LaLux ∆

excerpt from The Sydney Sessions;
available worldwide for FREE here:

And available worldwide for purchase
cassie sky Aug 2017
You think you know until you don't
And then it all falls apart
Broke, busted and alone
Time for a whole 'nother start

Pick up all the mangled little pieces
Mold them into another shape
Smear some love into the creases
Pretend there's no escape

The places, they are always changin
And the view never stays the same
Every dripping bit of sin
To no avail could it be tamed

The itch will devour you entirely
Unless you learn how to see
With all of your different parts
And not just your ******* heart

You think you know, but you don't
And its all falling apart
Broke, busted and alone
Time for a whole 'nother start
Second song, sad girl music album is on its way in no time
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