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George Greenbaum Aug 2019
I don’t sleep
heart’s hers to keep
saw through everything but you
the past is my dream
ignorance is bliss
used to wonder if i’d live to see my first kiss
when it rains it pours
pictures she drew
we’ll start our new lives somewhere new
George Greenbaum Feb 2019
I feel ugly when I can’t find the words to say
I left tomorrow for yesterday
It’s the pain and the strain that I smoke
Feelings get away
not one on my sleeve
With the wind, I blew away
any chance of us today
got thrown away
when I got sick
I wish you would hear these words
*** you were the first and last thing I lost
to what cost I blew you away
A sunset paints the day
But the moon can only reflect
that light in your eyes
herion brown
I could stare for days
but you don’t want me around
******* for not needing me
your seed in me still grows
and it shows
Broken lost confused
hearing voices, torture, torment pain
I wish I could go back to when I was sane
Nightmares too ugly to say
Thank god those passed
I did it, i survived, i got away
I don’t know how long it’ll last
I feel like death is ******* calling me
so I look at the past
It’’s my favorite past time
Let me tell you for the last time
i needed you
like I need air to breathe
Live on and be happy without me
I know that’s how it works
I hope your happy
I just want you to be happy
and when I die young
don’t cry or mourn
keep your eye on the light
and shine bright, breathe freely
George Greenbaum Oct 2018
The guilt is the trip, the trip is the fall; she leaves with the wind.
George Greenbaum Oct 2018
Empty temp me I think I mighta bent me
spent me now I’m broke
I get broken a lot looking for hope
It’s the pain and the strain that I smoke
I feel like hell and it drags me down
with every drag I take
not clowning around
It’s pouring rain
watch the blood run
Running in circles, call me insane
George Greenbaum Apr 2018
It’s hard to feel like someone when you have no one
Just another closed door
It’s hard when the ceiling effect hits the fan and then the floor
Nothing to live for
just closed eyes and a bit more
solitude plus altitude, no capacity to attitude
George Greenbaum Apr 2018
I let ****** borrow my heart and she stuck it on the shelf
time couldn’t tell for there are no words
just empty vessels, boredom and thoughts she wrestles
I guess that’s better than being empty
Tempt me, I bent me and now I’m falling apart
But not off, for I was better off offed and alone
You are the velvet to my throne at which you sit
I am the jester, pain digester, who grew past 16
George Greenbaum Apr 2018
I learned a lot of things growing up
how to be one with with yourself but
how to be none to someone else
I resent I digest I digress moving forward with the rest
so I don’t obsess but I can’t help but stress
how uncalled for this is, but I need you more than
I can describe and what the doctor prescribed
doesn’t keep me alive
saw me kissing death not you
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