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fabian francis Sep 2020
So today I realized
That she already stole my heart
She can hurt me whenever she likes
I am at her mercy
fabian francis Aug 2020
it hurts to remember
it hurts to turn a leaf
it hurts to know
it hurts to accept
it hurts to be this way
fabian francis Apr 2020
She flirted and i fell into a trap that was never there
I jumped into a dry well absent of love and affection
I now cling at anything; I fear I may never climb out
Stuck, with a wounded heart in a well that may never fill
second poem
fabian francis Apr 2020
The tears I shed
Have now dried upon my cheeks
The river now has no source
A river brought forth by betrayal and loneliness
Let's recover from our pains and misfortunes

— The End —