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Jackie G May 8
To make a new beginning.
To go through, but suddenly go back.
With the ability to rethink prior actions
Correcting self.
To be better at.
Redirecting thoughts.
Applying evaluation to the experiences.
Creating balance to produce better outcomes.
Preparing the mind then training the flesh to follow.
Often hard to do, because sometimes! what or who that has been obtained must be let go of.
Hope for the better, Even with mixed emotions
Step after step
Starting over could be the best bet
Not only is there a New beginning
Also comes Beautiful Endings
You got this!!!!!
Amanda S Jul 2018
honey suckle runs through my veins.

i am adrift,
she approaches me,
brightness glowing around her.

her arms reach out,
touching my brittle ***** body,
replenishing the strength i never had.

i cry tears of joy;
redemption is here.
the light has been restored.

i am renewed.
there are so many reasons as to why i wrote this poem - and there are several different meaning to it that i genuinely can't decide on. i am beginning to love myself after having dealt with mental illness for the better portion of my life. as all people do, i have slip ups, but that comes along with recovery.
to anyone battling mental illnesses, i would like to be the first to tell you that it is possible to recover. it may not seem like it right now, but trust me, the pain will subside. you will learn to love life again regardless of the (possible) dreadful life you've been living.

it is possible, and inevitable, as long as you try.


(if you need someone to talk to, i'm here. i will be that friend to lean on if you have none). <3
Nathalie Jul 2018
Opening yourself to love
Giving from your heart
How revitalizing it is
Your sacred temple, dive deep within
You are replenishing
Making wealth of the love that is you

You can never love
Nor give more than you are
Even by giving
Or loving someone
Which in return
Fails to reciprocate

You are filling yourself
Genuine love shared
Pure intention of heart
Your love can only be
Multiplied and returned
To you, benefactor
Of the flow of emotions
That come through you

Kewayne Wadley May 2018
I sought love.
Drinking from the cup of your hand.
I learned to replenish which you pour.
I made sure your hands were always full.
Continuing to hold what you've poured into life.
My life.
Finding a language stirred to life.
To confess what's on our mind.
It takes a steady hand to fill the gap of what's missing.
Your hand to my lips.
An ideal devotion to being our natural self.
Finding ourselves half full.
Our thirst softening the more we pour
Amitav Radiance Jun 2014
Let your heart drown in tears
To cleanse away the wound
From it shall spring eternal fountain
Of inspirations, to open your heart
To Love, Hope, and inspiration
Muses will come to drink from it
And poetry shall flow through you
Every particle of you enamored
By the sweet water, flows eternally
Replenish the soul and turn the tide
To delve deeper in to self-belief
And, embrace knowledge to fight a stormy world
Poetry is the panacea for a recuperating soul
For there is the eternal fountain to drink from*

© Amitav (Radiance)

— The End —