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Allison Wonder Nov 2019
My hero wears no cape
there is no signal to call her near
somehow she always knows
when it is that I need her here

Her hugs are magic
fighting off my bad guys
never does she ask me
to come down from my highs

By day she’s working hard
along side her coworkers
never would they know that
she holds all of my anchors

My super hero looks normal
but she only looks normal to you
to me she is perfect and my everything
she truly deserves her debut
Matthew Nov 2019
I dance in Her metaphor 
                                    I step in step
within the shadow casted by wanting eye

I swirl Her enchanting dreams 
                                     I glide debonaire
twirling through with crystal ball flare

I take a knee to Her grace 
                                     I catch the night
silver leaf flowing elegant gown seams

I with gracious heart in Her arms
                                    I can't fool I know
more then two d whispers are always craved

I oh so beautifully in deep love with Her
                                    I think wishes be true
in the bolero devine, the danger zone, Her soul
F White Nov 2019
To the hand that slid to my shoulder
As you began to drift...
Since you've gotten there first-
May I love you in my sleep
As much you love me
In yours.
Copyright fhw 2019
Saudia R Oct 2019
Discipline is not taught in a day
I've been on a vibe. Happiness is everything.
Halted and tainted.


Derived from isolation.

Shameful resent, and painful lament, birth exploration of the intimate.


Desperate to drown out the desolate.

Ethereal vitality, lonely and vestal.

Accept all without stall.

Vulnerable and platonic.

In need of deep loving clasp.

An invite to settle my weariness upon thy shoulder.

Someone to open my neck toward without smolder.

The moon reflects upon me.

Truth is intimacy.

If overpassed, you’re in infancy.

Simple and faded, adorable, but deplorable.

Let’s inundate our emptiness together.
Christina L Oct 2019
i still talk about you like im coming home to you
i still act like ill see you later
i still mention your name in all my conversations
i still think about you in everything i do

i still wish you were my boyfriend
The hardest thing to reconcile
Is that you genuinely believed you love me,
And I truly loved you.
Now, I confuse gentle touch for hostile
Because you were wonderfully gentle
Until you weren't,
Before returning to gentle again.
The hardest part to reconcile is how you could be "so in love,"
Yet in that moment,
You were only concerned for your pleasure.
With a love like that,
I would never need enemies.
They taught us to scream "fire!"
"Help!" Would elicit no response.
They told us to wedge keys in our fingers,
To never walk alone in the night.
They told us to watch out for strangers,
To avoid masked men in dark alleys.
No one ever told me to beware of the man in my own bed,
To shudder when he told me he loved me.
No one told me that I would freeze,
Limbs powerless to fight him off.
They did not tell me I would know him, trust him, love him
Until the moment I couldn't anymore.
You can keep your **** whistles,
Your fists with car keys and staining sprays.
You can keep your roofie nail polish and SOS phone apps.
None of it would have done me any good
As I lay there, clinging to bed sheets and teddy bear.
Elin Roberts Sep 2019
you make me wanna dance
spin me into a never-ending evanescent grace
your soul hanging in the balance with mine

your fingers trace the script of my body
written in ink, stained black and blue
bruised into my soul by hands so cruel

so many poems of insecurity
are bled into the deepest parts of me
blurring the lines of reality facing sanity

but you
you make me want to dance
you clean the slate that's tainted by my past

your gaze, only ever loving
as your lips part to whisper
the beauty that your love provides

days that once were haunted
by the harsh actions of undeserving men
seem like a distant nightmare

your constant reassurance, your unwavering understanding
you find the lost parts of me
lead me through the dark to where i'm meant to be

i see a future for us
provided by our love

i can't ever thank you enough
i'm so in love with such an amazing god-send of a man
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