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K Lupus Sep 2019
Whenever the dark curtain of my eyes
fails to serve me right

or whenever the numbness
felt from rubbing my hands
against my lap no longer
ease the tremors

I lose myself
in thought

how much more
must I endure

how many more times
must they
steal the minuscule grit
I had pondered

- the person that will
always be
my breather
I guess I kinda liked the way how you became my breather
Vein terrain
Screech disdain
Remain sustained
Butane pain
Eminent domain

Pacify me
Jim Marchel Aug 2016
Pacify my war-torn soul
With your white-flag lips
And breath of sun.
My body needs peace
And it wants to surrender
To a gentler place
Where touches are tender.

Pacify my warring spirit
With your knock-out fists
And soldier's gun.
My body aches to ache
And pain in my sender
To a beautiful place
Where malice is mender.
There are many kinds of love, but all love is war.
xmxrgxncy Feb 2016
You have me pacified

For now
Lynn Greyling Nov 2014
Sweetly sublime
I mouth the rhyme
of the lullaby
in my heart for you.

I whisper the words
keeping time
while I softly mime.
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