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Rachael Anderson Dec 2019
Merry Christmas Eve,
From the fog among the trees.
Lazy haze draped dazedly
Is our California freeze.
  Dec 2019 Rachael Anderson
I've been staring at a blank canvas..
Its cloth looking back at me,
With no sense of direction,
begging for inspiration.
A purpose maybe.
Something to guide it from its emptiness.
But I'm weak and my mind is tired.

Perhaps I have become too comfortable with the lifeless and colorlessness of this canvas that I have failed to realize..

I've been looking in a mirror all along.
Rachael Anderson Dec 2019
Cotton candy swirl of sky
In deep waters meets
A force of power enough to destroy
The strong among the weak.
“Pacific” they do call she-
Beauty and peace men’s hearts adore.
These men, the same whose head and feet
Be led asunder by her roar.
Rachael Anderson Dec 2019
I know not if those eyes are green or blue;
I only know they hold pastures and oceans.
Warm, lush pastures that draw me by their comfort,
In which I sit and speak and soak and rest.
Tossing, swelling oceans where my power
Is forsaken in the never-ceasing waves of beauty.

You claim they boast a tint of gray, but I must disagree
The gray appeared when those eyes began reflecting me.

— The End —