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Jordan Soriano Jan 2020
the land before history began
land that was not ruled by a man
land that raised me
land with more beauty I had ever seen
a land filled with spirits in trees beautiful and green
land that was untouched
land prosperous and lush
land that I fled to when I was scared
land that helped me with the struggles I bared
land filled with artifacts
land with hidden, ancient tracks
land that I  called my own
land that was my home

the man with a cross in hand
set fires to the land
he spoke in a different tongue
and tried to teach it to our young
my people gave him food and water
he only gave us an alter
he told us we were sinners
made us kneel with interlocked fingers
I saw the flags in the distance
I cried in an instance
more of his men were coming
I knew we had to start running
Maga'håga is a female leader of a tribe, she is the one who is respected among Chiefs. This is an homage to the Maga'håga who did all she could to protect her land, people, and culture.
Jordan Soriano Jan 2020
She is calm and silent
She is loud and chaotic
She bore my brothers and my sisters
She bore navigators and famers
In her anger she created mountains
In happiness she created rainbows
In her joy she filled rivers
In her sadness she rose the sea
She is light
She is darkness
She is home
Her hair is the coconut trees
Her eyes are the guasåli flowers
Her tears is the rain
Her smile is the moon
She raised giants and warriors
She taught mothers and daughters
She is light
She is darkness
She is home
Her gentle voice leads me to the jungles
Her screams lead me to the ocean
Her arms cradle me like banana leaves
Her songs are sung by the birds
She is light
She is darkness
She is home
Guåhan is home
Guåhan as she is known to me is Guam to the rest of the world. She is my island, my mother, my home. To everyone who reads my poems about my home please feel free to learn about Guam and Micronesia. Please learn about the threat that is America, it’s military, and climate change. My people and culture is on the verge of extinction and I just ask for you beautiful humans to learn about the indigenous people of Micronesia and learn that we exist.

— The End —