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Jae Feb 22
You drew me once
It feels like forever ago
You were able to capture all the curves of my face
You knew me like no other
You looked at my face with love in your eyes
I gave you a genuine smile because you truly made me happy

Now you no longer draw me
I am not your muse
But I can only hope that the next girl you draw feels the love I felt
I want you to capture her face with your pencil perfectly
Make her smile
Make her as happy as I was
Jae Feb 21
I remember how beautiful the morning sun looked when it peaked through the coconut trees
I remember the sound of the birds perched upon the ifit tree
I remember where latte stones stood tall as it had been for centuries
I remember the color green that took me in its arms like my mother
I remember the sound of the wind that made the trees dance like my father

Now I see no coconut trees waiting for the morning sun
I hear no birds
I see no latte stones
I see no green
I feel no wind making the trees dance
All I see is grey
Jae Feb 21
Saina forgive us
Forgive us for letting the white man continue to steal our lands
Forgive us for teaching the children his language and teaching them CHamoru "when we have the time"
Forgive us for allowing our sacred lands to be bulldozed by the soldiers
Forgive us for not defending the culture you died for
Forgive us for not asking for your guidance
Forgive us for not venturing to the sites of the lattes and giving offerings
Forgive us Saina for we your children were tricked by the white man
When you call someone Saina (sigh-na) in my culture it is referring to someone who is your elder. The latte (la-tee) are stone pillars used to build huts on.
Jae Sep 2018
You are
a friend
a lover
a helper
a seeker
a traveler
a comedian
a light
a dark
a truth
a lie
a painter
a dancer
a singer
a fixer
a breaker
You are mine
Jae Sep 2018
what is it like to wake up and feel beautiful in the mirror
what is it like to do something without thinking twice
what is it like to be with the person you have longed for
what is it like to make someone proud
what is it like to be confident
what is it like to not be afraid of rejection

I have faced these questions every single day for the past 16 years of my life and still have not found an answer
Jae May 2018
Formed on white sandy beaches
Filled with the crystal clear waters

Anointed under a bright blue sky
Bathed under the full moon

Raised by banyan branches
Fed from coconut trees

We are the children of the Pacific
With hearts of coral

Hair from pandanus leaves
Eyes from volcanic rock

Voices from crashing waves
And strength from latte stones

We are the past, present, and future
We are what was and what is going to be
Jae Apr 2018
We were killed by the Spanish
Invaded by the Japanese
And robbed by the Americans

How much more can mother Guahån take?
How much more can our language be suppressed?
How long till the young children won't not know what Nåna or Tåta means?

Why must I...
Why must we chamorros have to go out of our way to speak English for the ignorant?

Why should my culture, my people, and my island suffer the endangerment of our own language?

The chamorro language is dying and it brings tears to my eyes to think that one day Chamorro will be no more.
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