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Jordan Soriano Jan 2020
my phone goes off
it was a missed call from you
excitement rushes through my body

I run to my phone
the charger keeps me from answering
I pick up

hello? hello?
I realize my time to answer was over

I dial your number quickly
my thoughts moved so fast
I called someone else

I breathe and slowly dial your number
hey sorry my phone was charging
did you need something?

time goes by and finally, you speak
" sorry I didn't mean to call"
my heart shatters

oh okay not a problem
have a good night
your parting words "okay bye"

I sigh
I take my phone
and let it continue charging
Jordan Soriano Jan 2020
She is calm and silent
She is loud and chaotic
She bore my brothers and my sisters
She bore navigators and famers
In her anger she created mountains
In happiness she created rainbows
In her joy she filled rivers
In her sadness she rose the sea
She is light
She is darkness
She is home
Her hair is the coconut trees
Her eyes are the guasåli flowers
Her tears is the rain
Her smile is the moon
She raised giants and warriors
She taught mothers and daughters
She is light
She is darkness
She is home
Her gentle voice leads me to the jungles
Her screams lead me to the ocean
Her arms cradle me like banana leaves
Her songs are sung by the birds
She is light
She is darkness
She is home
Guåhan is home
Guåhan as she is known to me is Guam to the rest of the world. She is my island, my mother, my home. To everyone who reads my poems about my home please feel free to learn about Guam and Micronesia. Please learn about the threat that is America, it’s military, and climate change. My people and culture is on the verge of extinction and I just ask for you beautiful humans to learn about the indigenous people of Micronesia and learn that we exist.
Jordan Soriano Sep 2019
can you hear them?
the cries of the children who have no land to pass down to their descendants

can you see them?
the bodies of the Sainas (elders) who starved to death

can you feel them?
the spirits of our ancestors chasing you out of our jungles

do you appreciate them?
the CHamoru soldiers who fought beside you in combat

i'isao hao: you are a sinner
you have sinned against us, against God, against our ancestors, against the land, and you have sinned against the future generations

get out of our land! take your bullets! take your bulldozers! take the chemicals that pollute our water! take your bombs! take back your broken promises! take back your lies! take it all back!

give us, the taotaotano (people of the land) our islands back
Na libre i Islan Marianas: free the Marianas Islands
Jordan Soriano Sep 2019
treat me like your guitar
bring me to your chest
cradle me in your arms
protect me from falling
sing to me
Jordan Soriano Sep 2019
a blank page evokes no emotions
but the second a pen has done its work... you can be moved to tears
Jordan Soriano Sep 2019

These are the necessities for the United States to create a colony.
Jordan Soriano Sep 2019
all our life we are told to tame our mane
told to tie up that tangled mess
or cut it because people cannot stand to see it go past our butts

they scream savage at the sight of our luscious hair
mothers even tell their daughters to keep their hair up when they are around us
as if every woman with long hair harbors head louse

they tell us we look like jungle women
little do they know that its who we are
we are the descendants of powerful jungle women

women who lead tribes
women who bore chiefs
women who were the hearts of the family

men are challenged when they see our long straight, wavy, or curly hair being worn so openly
these are the men that tell us to chop our beautiful locks

I want to tell you, my sisters
keep those locks
grow them till they touch the ground
adorn them with flowers
let your mane smell like the ocean
show your power
to all my pacific island sisters, never cut your hair because you are ashamed of its unruliness. do what you want to your own hair and never because of someone else, especially a man. in my culture, the women only cut their hair when the island was threatened by a big fish who was eating away at the island. all the women knew that only a net of their hair could capture the fish. they wove the net and captured the fish faster the men ever could.
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