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Robert C Howard Aug 2020
Sea stars, urchins and anemones
     ride the tidal waters at Rialto Beach
           swirling into shallow pools -
      clad in shades of blue, emerald and violet.

Gnarls of ancient driftwood line the beach
     up to the rainforest’s edge just beyond the rise.
           Pulsing waves dash and roar against the sea stacks
       where the Pacific adjoins the California shore.

Legions of seagulls circle above
       piercing the misted air with their cries
           and the tide, beckoned by the Sky Queen,
       begins to ebb and regain the open sea.

As the sun sinks into the western sky –
       the towers of Split Rock and Hole in the Wall
            are silhouetted against the horizon
       pasteled in gold, orange and burgundy hues.

Gray whales and dolphins breach the surface
       before plunging into the sacred depths
           where the ocean beats pulse on and on -
sounding resonant cadences
       through timeless hallows of infinity.

It was God's cruel gift
he gave unto me

the ability ,

to look into someone
through their heart

(and see)

The eyes are a portal
through which light flees

(be it)

white or dark

it's all revealed
to me

The words they say
or in silence be

(unto my eye)

there is all to see

Sometimes the overload . . .

the thousands touched
looking for gold

not finding much
Donna Aug 2019
I watched dolphins and
whales swim in big ocean
One of my dreams came true

I went on a boat and watched dolphins and whales swim it was amazing one of my dreams come true ❤️ Catching up slowly with you all **
Jackie Mead May 2019

Before me lies a vastness, it looks much like emptiness
Not within my Heart
Or Upon the ground
It is in the deep blue Indian Ocean, Tranquility is to be found

Noiseless, except for the hum of the boat
In the middle of the Indian Ocean, we float
Basking in the hot golden Sun
Watching Pods of Dolphins, leaping, playful having fun

Life cannot get much better for me
As I float in the middle of the Indian Ocean Sea
I believe I have found my peace, Tranquility
I've been on hols, the Maldives, such a wonderful place, lovely warm welcoming people a once in a lifetime vacation.
Swam with Sharks, Watched Dolphins at play, snorkelled two\three times a day it was like swimming in an Aquarium and did a trial dive.  It was truly inspiring and i have many more Poems to come hopefully.
I hope you enjoy this one
N Schulte Jan 2019
Full of fun
Dolphins play beneath the sun
The waves and tides are their playgrounds
To talk they use their clickety sounds
They sound a warning or a call to play
As they jump into a wave
Look to the ocean this morning
I promise you, it won't be boring
As you just might see a dolphin today
Or catch a glimpse as one swims away
Has anyone ever seen a dolphin when they visited a beach? This was actually one of my first poems. It was written when I had a poetry-writing contest with my sister. (I won. XD) Thanks for reading
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