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celey Jul 2015
obviously masked
standing still in the middle of a crisis
my heart remaining the same as it is
but my expressions
oh, what they're giving away
cannot be taken back

"i'd do it all over again," he repeated.
"and that's what makes me a monster."

i wonder which hurt him more
the fear in my eyes that showed
or the pity
or maybe how i said
"no, but, you're just a boy."
because i was once told
it's not what you say but how you say it.
KILLME Aug 2014
I just don't understand why you seem mad when I'm sad

What the **** did I do?
jessiah Aug 2014
Sleep like when quiet
Monopolized your ears
Except maybe a ting
An occasional ting
Of a wind chime

Sleep like when diligence
Granted you rest
From your day of completions
You were so thorough and
Always on time

Sleep safe
With the noises and clatter
Of all you hold dear
Knowing they are close

Sleep like when exhaustion
Squeezed the last lucid bit out
Made you pay for your excess
With a punishment
Kinder than most

Sleep with innocence
Not only in the night
But when dust swims across
The warm, thick daylight

Sleep in transit
While the bright yellow dash
Unzips dark highways
And your warm forehead
Bounces on the cold window

Sleep like the way
It takes me now
Lords over all
You ever become
Written some time between the dark days of 2008 and 2011

— The End —