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Bhill Aug 2019
Those pesky flies will land on your glasses
And buzz your face till your insane

There always seems to be nothing but masses
It much too hard to maintain

What to do, oh what to do
How can you even relate

All you can do, to see this thing through
Is expect, that you are the fly bait...

Brian Hill - 2019 # 199
Who hasn't been buzzed by these pests?
Donna May 2019
Hi there pesky gnats
I take it you love to dance
Under the moonlight
So me and dean took our pug albie out for a evening walk over the park , we trying to train him cause his so naughty I think his got some issues going on :) anyway there was so many gnats , got bit alive we did,  but anyway cut a long Story short I think they were actually joyfully dancing in the sky , well I like to think there were even though the pesky things bit me and dean x
Autumn Whipple Mar 2015
its so easy to be manic
around you
to be nosy
but I thought that
maybe you saw
it as normal
like maybe it was obvious
in the way I look at you
that you are all I ever think about
that other boys
are just distractions
from you
but when prodded
you call me nosy and annoying
I never thought
I never dreamed
that all those hours we spent together
were a chore for you
all those messages we exchanged were
to get me to leave you alone
I thought i'd be broken
be sad
a mess
when you rejected me with a
'lets be friends'
but now its worse
we were never friends
the first place
yah. Jesus Christ my heart is a mess

— The End —