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Fall danced away, winter melted away, spring came in and here i 'am still waiting for you.
I been waiting, you been waiting, for us to touch.
I remember the good times when i'd be by the airport watching all the aerospace flying by and day dreaming for the day to come, when our hearts would finally sync in touch with the love of our first kiss.
Midnight stars twinkled bright, while the moon shined into our lives to show us that we're not alone.
One look at the moon for me and you remind me that if we can both gaze up into this ball of light, we will be together far apart but in heart.
I hope soon we can see each other, each day for things to get better.
Shows to go that time goes by so quick beyond our seems and all of a sudden we get splashed with a biohazardess material that intoxicates all of our lives to the point of no return.
Now our world has gone to darkness, but we still have each other because the moon still stands strong and doesn't die without a fight.
the doves came swiftly into
the patch of sky above me

the first three had not a single wreath
or branch at the tip of any of their beaks
they simply flew into the openness above me

to thine eyes they neared the celestial sphere
Could he be as swift as the doves  
while jotting down equations over the gridded paper
was he too, thinking of the heavens
or just of the gravitational modeling over time and space  
Could the young man with the TI calculator
see, too the same patch of sky with the same doves  
as he engineered our course through space
running multiple scenarios through his mind
they gave us wings, and now we can all fly on commercial flights
take day-long trips to destinations to that used to be called "far off"
After being picked up from the airport I asked my dad
"Do you still think the sky divine?"
It had been raining for a week and the Santa Ana winds had turned the mild L.A evenings into chilly and sweater worthy nights.    
As we sat on the porch I leaned over and asked him about god; he pointed at the sky, but not at himself 
–and I wondered how much of heaven could be there for us
within that sky and beyond it
There are dreams of leaving earth and of making humans interplanetary. My question is: Would it be "heaven on earth" minus the earth part or would we reproduce the same mental formations and create a world that suffers from the same ailment of our current. How much of "heaven" of this idea of space that we've placed part of our collective hope will we really find?
Mark Toney Oct 2019
Howard Robard Hughes
Famously rich recluse
Dreams led him to the lap of luxury
Followed by nightmarish mysophobic OCD

Rich ******* aviator Howard Hughes
With movie starlets kept himself amused
Dated Katherine Hepburn
Bette Davis took her turn
And still more, which kept the tabloids confused

Born Howard Robard Hughes to a rich family
With English, Welsh and French Huguenot ancestry
Enjoyed a successful multi-faceted business career
But aviation and aerospace were his favorite frontier
8/23/2019 - Poetry form: Clerimerick Couplets (A hybrid form I created composed of a Clerihew, Limerick and 2 rhyming Couplets. This is another of my Clerimerick Couplets.  The Clerihew has been described as the literate cousin of the Limerick. Cool things happen when the cousins get together!  Two rhyming couplets make the poetry form complete. - Copyright © Mark Toney | Year Posted 2019
Michael H Jun 2019
In all those stories
reacting with youth

everyone is gathered
in my head

I try to free NASA
there are time errors though
with lasers

I need help
thinking about
390 Looking to post something... this is random but I have always liked aeronautics. The US is planning to put a laser into the Earth's orbit, to shoot down missiles from space. Whether for or against I would like to voice soon...

— The End —