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Michael H Jul 2019
You can say how I feel
We cannot be brave
all the solar systems
are after you
all the stars shine for you

I’m inside everyone’s head
and you can’t blame me
because my own thoughtscape
Needs comfort
Michael H Jun 2019
when I was a child
There was a religious
camp counselor

a few miles away
I encountered hell daily

his door was always
but I

did not get there
In time
so I

was briefly orphaned
Then sent
to Utah
What type of poems should I post here??
Michael H Jun 2019
Pursuit and glory
Hypnotic worry
Encumbered with fears
And latent tears
Change the gears
Of this atmosphere
I can’t hear
If she wants me near
Guilt and disaster
Take this faster
Keep it slow
Watch it glow
Nobody tells me
Anything I see
All I perceive
Is this apathy
Receiving back
That thievery
Laughing at that thirst
Absence is the worst
It has occurs to me that I am not posting my favorites here, I am being 'reasonable' How I write goes through a flux but these are the elders :)
Michael H Jun 2019
I can say it
then retract it

my honesty
is still complete

knowing ontop the information slipstream:
my woe is never going to change
I will never change my beliefs
I do not want to lie

and it will
one day
echo out
that people:
will not be false to me either
This is from a birthday resolution to "Never Tell a Lie" I have had to look up definitions or lie, statement, deceive, etc. A couple of times I found myself in a gray area, then would tell someone a complete truth to clear it up, oftentimes offensively. A birthday resolution is a year long from birthday to birthday. So far I've got 8 months of true adherence.
Michael H Jun 2019
I could go on forever
Flying on our feathers
Looking down from clouds
examining and watching
seeing every human dot
compromising and colliding
relating with the concrete
calling forth what they know
and then:

change happens
from calm and strong brains
every single object and thought
talks further of ambition
the clouds move
the heavens unlock
it rains
we get wet
it is cold
FEEDBACK? It is like what I have been writing recently. I don't know for sure why, but I have not been fond of anything I have written since getting this new notebook. They have all been written quickly and seem very bland.
Michael H Jun 2019
Forever blue
With happiness too
A rushing firmament
Upon our natures

Severing the real-ness
Of our every drink or soda;
Our mistrust and laziness
Sorting the true yearnings

For we can do better
By an electric storm
Of our brain
Overseeing all
Michael H Jun 2019

Giving each other life
Closer and closer
Python in brains
Already there

Light blue
Animation with AI
Stark love

Reading fast
Choosing how human you are
Faux-morality dying
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