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Stefan Michener Mar 2016
Twisted-life symphony
It seems so real
Brimstone meet misery
Balancing on oily steel
so glad you're not me
Namaste metal thunder

I have to leave you
vacant online junkies today
with your video eyes
and your mouths gasping
playing your games
Namaste ******-headed rag dolls

You'll read a couple from Chechov
Admire the lines of Baryshnikov,
oil your friendly little Kalashnikov
under satellites and stations and junk
Namaste deaf, dumb and blind nighttime sky

You wasted your days with excuses
you played on your DSes
til they faded away like UFOs
carrying your doughyness
down, down
Namaste Friday night parking lot hometown

How large is the rock
Stopping my float
My rotten boat's making a
last trip from the dock
Promising ice-cold dark caresses
Namaste cold, crushing depths

How long is the rope
snaps my neck
So much loss of hope
in the blink of an eye
a bloated blue ornament
Namaste choking collar

Plug in now, oh wow!
Gigabytes in nanoseconds
Gigabods in nanomoments
Gigaflights in nanospans
What's a moth's life
Weigh dominion
Namaste my sweeter side

Why don't you join?
Are you scared of freedom?
Just flip this cosmic coin
Just a game, it's just a game
Filled with pain and ecstasy
Namaste en garde, sil vous plait

I think I might just play
lose without trying
play a freewheeling style
Nothing really matters
I'll come back hereafter
Namaste, hasta la vista
written under the influence of medications prescribed by my physicians and taken as directed
Jayantee Khare Jul 2017
A fruit and vegetable vendor,
simple and humble,
Always seen with his handcart,
alongside the road, which was parked.
On my way back
from the gym,
Bought the fruits and vegetables
daily from him.

Neither the quality!
Nor the variety!!

But his  greetings "Namaste Didi" with that innocent smile,
caught my attention for a while.
That friendly gesture
made me feel familiar.

Balming the lonely and tired soul,
in the foreign soil,
in this city of strangers,
accommodating many dwellers.

While lost in own thoughts,
or busy in the cell-phone chats.
But this simple guy never failed,
seeing me come, he sweetly hailed.
"Namaste Didi"

Once, when I resumed
after a vacation,
Found dozers, excavators
busy in construction.
An all new road, footpath
for beautification,
It's the "smart city" project's
much awaited implementation.

I realized, that something was amiss!
"Namaste Didi", welcoming, friendly voice!

I looked for him all around,
Standing near a pole, he was found.
Neither cheerful, nor fruit or vegetable?
Uttered him, now the business not feasible.
Not allowed to park his cart anywhere,
As "The Smart City Mission" started here.

Go to the big stores now,
for the daily needs,
Roadside vendors
pulled out like weeds.

Neither friendly smile, nor simplicity!
"Namaste Didi" swallowed by "the smart city"!!

Do we really need a "smart city",
or simply a city?
addressing the needs of all,
retaining its simplicity.
The social warmth
and existing friendliness,
Accommodating all
with self sustenance.

**Isn't socialism, just a myth!
No offence, this way I think!!
Didi means sister in hindi....people address didi to the ladies showning respect and warmth....
Some people are so simple and humble that you can't ignore them..
Since i am advocating simplicity in this,
I have written this poetry with the use of simple words...
It's a true incidence happened nearby..which made me think like this.
In india smart city mission is in progress...
Emma-Leigh Ivy  Aug 2015
Emma-Leigh Ivy Aug 2015

Bring yourself into my circle
so that your light may shine
my way.
Allow us to delight in
how two kindred souls
do frolic & play.
Exhale all worry
for it does dance our peace away.
As my light now shines with you
we both illuminate the day.

Invocation  Mar 2015
Invocation Mar 2015
The everything that I am
has a special space reserved for the happiest moments
When I am in that space, being happy, being myself - and
When you are in your space, being happy, being free, being beautiful

My inner creative spark finds yours
We can create such beautiful things, you and I
When we are both within ourselves and eachother
We are one
We are happy
We are free
We are divine

Truest meanings aren't found on google
Write your own definition of love and peace and hope
Magdalynn OLeary Mar 2012
The divine in me
recognizes the
in you

the part of me
that ashes her
handrolled cigarette
all down her top
on accident

who wears someone
else's black rimmed
plastic glasses

they're the wrong perscription
but there's no reason
the world shoudn't
appear a little blurry

hearts are farther away
than they may seem

behind the thin
layer of skin
and tissue

the fragile
birdcage frames
that protect them

If I were a zombie
I'd eat hearts instead
of brains

that way I'd know
what it was to taste love

I've had enough of people's
thoughts and opinions

I wanna taste the ache
for a change

and ingest the chambers
that held all your exs
and family
your friends

the divine in me
eats the divine in you
jordan lockaby  Nov 2019
jordan lockaby Nov 2019
i see the divine in you
persistent kindness
selfless love
deep peace
Legral onion Aug 2014
My soul honors your soul.
I honor the place in you where the entire universe resides.
I honor the light, love, truth, beauty & peace within you, because it is also within me.
In sharing these things we are united,
we are the same,
we are one.
It's in the morning, at the rise of the sun, when memories float back to you and the remnants of your smile from last night reappears in the soreness of your cheeks and the tightening of your jaw where beauty manifests itself throughout nature.

From the distant tolling of church bells, tolling away in their perfect habitual melody, to the sounds of lovers silently waking one another and relishing at the sounds of their respected voices.

Its in this moment that the dream and reality mesh with one another. Never truly revealing which is which leaving you in a blissful ignorance peppered with false hopes and beautiful truths.

Its through the fog of your alcohol addled mind that a light appears and guides you to wonders untold, leading to a discovery of discoveries revealing a magic long lost to this universe.

Down the neck of a dark blue bottle lined with platinum flows my intuition and aspiration. Its now that i drink and discover a new reality.

Janay  Jul 2016
ॐ Namaste
Janay Jul 2016


I honor the universe's light, beauty, love,truth and peace.
Because it is in me, and you;
it is, me and you.
Praying, for you to come unite with me in our heaven
where we are;
one thought,
Olivia Kent  Dec 2015
Olivia Kent Dec 2015
Holiest of communions with Earth our mother.
Earth, she spins as a dancer.
Man, the stupidest species gets not dizzy.
Holding tight.
Shortest days and darkest nights.
Urge towards sunshine.
Into the light.
Making love on warm dry grass in shades of pink.
Whole soul stroking.
No divides.
Without boundaries.
More life foretold in a perfect prophecy.
Namaste .
Hailstones and thunder.
Awesome power natures' wonder.
Brandi R Lowry Jul 2015
Life is a test
A series of choices

Your time here is measured
By the venom in your voices

Give unto others without reservation

Help your neighbor
With no hesitation

Feed the hungry

Remove discrimination

Offer a hand

Become an inspiration

Open your mind
Start a revolution
Inspire a change
To create the solution

With our eyes cast downward
We pretend not to see
The misery and demise  
In the wake of our greed

If someone is hungry...
Cold or unloved
Offer your heart
Give them a hug

What you share
Will return tenfold
So offer a hand
Help carry the load

Offer a smile
Share your bliss
Inspire others
Change what is

Share your joy
Inspire others to love
We can change the world.


— The End —