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Kim Yu Mar 2016
I honor the place in you in which
the entire universe dwells.
I honor the place in you which is of love, of truth, of light and of peace.
When you are in that place in you and I am in that place in me,
we are one.
"Open your eyes and realise the universe that revolves around you."
NaNi Mar 2016
silence is so peaceful
i meditate in the sounds of nature
anyone, anything that brings noise has got to be removed
i need QUIETness
i love to hear myself breathing
i hear all the sounds my body makes
i can hear the birds wings flapping from inside my home
when i am quiet i hear so much more
when i am quiet i am so far from the world.

Emma-Leigh Ivy Aug 2015

Bring yourself into my circle
so that your light may shine
my way.
Allow us to delight in
how two kindred souls
do frolic & play.
Exhale all worry
for it does dance our peace away.
As my light now shines with you
we both illuminate the day.

Invocation Apr 2015
Half-lidded eyes gaze
into blue light from
screen as upper legs
clasp together involuntarily,
chest still heaving randomly
with gasps or sighs as comfort
and relaxation wash through
tense, electrically charged muscles

static cling from sleeves' struggle
with woolen blanket, inner
thighs' heat spreading to
surface from friction and
folly and fumbling and my lip is sore from my teeth
because when my whole body climbs into divinity
I feel no pain

my stomach aches suddenly
for filling, but the rest of my
body quiets the noisiest of us
since we're so cozy in our
splendid vibrance, muted
as the world seems after
gongs and cymbals clash like
titans in my heartbox and veins
tremble and thrum and throb
in the pleasant-est of places

I am suddenly again climbing
that mountain, white and gold
heat like sunshine and water
became one element and they
pour through my skin into my porous bones
as I drink

Mouth, don't leak these secret passions!
I shudder to myself and I think of this energy
as life embodied in one small window, have I glimpsed heaven?
I am in that divine place, and someone else is in their divine self as well. I'm sure of this.
When we are both in those places, we are one.
Invocation Mar 2015
The everything that I am
has a special space reserved for the happiest moments
When I am in that space, being happy, being myself - and
When you are in your space, being happy, being free, being beautiful

My inner creative spark finds yours
We can create such beautiful things, you and I
When we are both within ourselves and eachother
We are one
We are happy
We are free
We are divine

Truest meanings aren't found on google
Write your own definition of love and peace and hope
Dani Oct 2014
Be still my child
Silence your thoughts
Be still my child
Let go
Surrender yourself whole
To the light that surrounds you
See the dots connect before your eyes
Let beauty catch you in moments least expected
Let go of the oars
Let the river of energy guide you
Be still
Child of The Universe
Vibrate and Resonate
Trust your soul
It knows the plan
More beautiful than you can fathom
Be quiet
Listen to the vibrations
Feel the vibrations
See them work their magic
Sweet product of the flow
You are a reflection of it
With open arms
Stars fall onto your lap
Dripping with cosmic synchronicity
You are a reflection
You are energy
You are beauty in it purest form
You are the plan
You are the oars
You are The Universe
You, are.
Legral onion Aug 2014
My soul honors your soul.
I honor the place in you where the entire universe resides.
I honor the light, love, truth, beauty & peace within you, because it is also within me.
In sharing these things we are united,
we are the same,
we are one.
Kenshō Jul 2014
Let me tell you a story about a man who had a revelation:

When he woke that morning,
He could swear, it all seemed normal, and ever so.. boring.

He stood up from bed,
Wondered what he could instead
Of cleaning his body, teeth and much less his head.

He was a working man.
He swore he had a plan.
To one day, own a beautiful car and home, possibly some land.

You may say it's normal and safe to think that way.
I'd say, It definitely felt good when I got paid.
The high was nice and I would have stayed.

But evidently that's not how the game is played.
Either way, I've strayed.
Let me get back to the man and how he changed one day.

He would always wonder about different ways.
Possibly living freely and in the flowers he could graze.
To stand boldly in the warm summer rays.

But those thoughts crumbled as his job gave him so much praise.
One month, he even got a raise.
He was being ****** into these typical ways.

But he would feel empty and lonely when he would work all day.
Wondering, why am I doing this anyway?
I remember hearing our ancestors didn't live this way.

Getting paid to create devices that save time.
Heh, It sounds insane and you'd be right to think so.
The things these devices do to the atmosphere is clearly a crime.

And as science develops and we see more clearly.
I can clearly see, this getting worse yearly.
That's a message from the earth, signing off sincerely.

He felt so trapped in someone else's plan.
Like he was almost being scammed.
As if the human world was run by an elitist clan.

He tried to tell people.
They called him insane.
Pointed him in the direction of a white steeple all sounded the same.

Ya know, we all here playing a certain game.
If you play out of role you simply get shamed.
This is when he realizes he has things he needs to reclaim.

He calmly walks away, no worries, the time is always now and it's here to stay.
I won't run after someone that won't listen to me anyway
I'll find who I can and I'll be on my way.

Searching through the crowded streets and after hour performances with empty seats.
He realized that he may not find what he needs.
In this city of always active speed.

Taking his boots to the gravel.
He takes the road never traveled.
His story continues to unravel.

He plops his *** down below a tree and begins to hum.
He felt so alive as he chewed on the delicious tree gum.
So happy to be far away from the city ****.

He had merely clothing to keep him warm.
No cozy, quiet dorm
Certainly no shelter from the storms.

At times he would wonder.
Why do I yearn for something yonder?
He could never answer, only continue to ponder.

He awoke the next day.
Oh boy did his stomach have something to say.
He was tired, weak and vulnerable to prey.

Being a nomad was hard work, you would be foolish to lie.
He was merely a man
Barely getting by.

On the brink of death but most certainly not failure.
He realized he would settle down somewhere familiar.
He needed meat and plants to grow.

Gathering seeds and herding animals he became a master of sorts.
These were big jobs. But he didn't want to resort,
To asking another human for support.

He had left those ways and would never go back.
It seemed so long ago, even the snow had devoured his tracks.
But he surely was struggling to get even a snack.

In all of his woe
He promised himself to go with the flow.
One day, he came across another human. He was bound to say "Hello!"

It was awkward at first and words didn't know what to say.
He almost strayed away
When the man asked him if he needed a place to stay.

Tears were apparent but silent that day.
Maybe this is going with the flow and following his own way.
He was trying to hide his gitty insides but it was plainly on display.

He couldn't believe the amount of kindness that man gave.
It was very, very brave
For him to offer such a thing to a man who hadn't shaved.

But this was different, you know, not the same.
He had a keen eye for seeing through shallow games.
Being helpful and honest was his only aim.

If there was a moment that full filled any hole.
Any moment in time that proved we had souls
It had to have been the moment of the crunching of the gifted butter roll.

His belly was full and he couldn't believe it.
In his mind he had to admit.
Such a very nice thing from a man of the city, but he made no comment.

He learned that we need each other. We were born that way.
And is always reminded this lesson on a hungry feast day.
This one was written a few years back. I hope you enjoy it today.
Sometimes we live our lives out of fear.
Sometimes we are unaware of what is actually real.
Sometimes we take things for granted before they disappear.  
Sometimes we need to break our glasses to see in the clear.

Look around and what do you see?
Beauty lies within the nature of every facet you perceive.
Take a moment to suddenly pause time;
becoming aware of your zen state of mind.

When you observe droplets of water falling from the engorging sky,
visualize that moment frozen in time.
Become mindful of the chemical process elegantly combined;
as you experience the moment before it passes by.

Clarity will suddenly reach its remarkable peak,  
after reliving the vicarious journey of the droplets feat.

Sometimes we stop living our lives out of fear.
Sometimes in the mist we become aware of what is real.
Sometimes we cease taking things for granted after they disappear.  
Sometimes we need to fix our glasses to continue seeing clear.

By: Michael M. De La Fuente
This poem was crafted after observing water fall from the sky while meditating outside a Buddhist temple.

— The End —