Mya 13m
But here you are
On the frontlines
Fighting a war
For someone who will never
Wage the same battles
For you
Mya 5d
I want to be sober enough
To mean it when I tell you that I love you
But ****** enough
To not have to remember it in the morning
And harder to swallow than a shot of whiskey at 3 a.m.
Mya Nov 9
I thought sleeping with you
meant laying next to you
sharing body heat
not giving you my body
followed by hollowing abandonment
Mya Nov 8
Shes deadly and sharp
Yet loving and careful
Like nothing I've ever seen before
Or dreamed before
Because shes not like the books I read
Or the poems I write
Shes a force all her own
And I pray to ***
I never see the day
Her heart breaks
Mya Nov 8
I'd tell you I love you
But I'd hate to wake you
From this dream of perfection
And let my honest touch taint you
Mya Nov 5
Your name
Is so blood thirsty now
It can no longer
Cross the threshold of my lips
Mya Oct 24
When consoling people
Most try to be soothing
Not accusing
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