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Mya May 5
Hes not the love of my life
Hes just a lover tonight
Mya Apr 20
As you rip out my throat
so I know you did it with passion

The rush will send my heart fluttering
and the rubies will pour down my hands

Death which comes from grace
is more like a dance
than a battle
So I will no longer fight you
Mya Apr 4
Rose was left red
Violence isnt new
Drink that potion, kid
And they'll take you too
In a world of beauty, it's dangerous to overlook the mundane.
Mya Feb 8
Why is it hard to catch a cigarette?
Because its impossible
When you chase one
After another
It's a filthy habit and an even more dangerous cycle.
Mya Jan 26
I got drunk
to cope
with my problems
Mya Jan 9
If the opposite of depression
Is not happiness
But mania
Then the opposite of loving you
Is not hatred
But hysteria
Mya Dec 2018
What the ****
Am I to do
When everything
Comes back to you?

You leave me beaten
Like you do
Always my heart aching
Black and blue
Forever and always my love.
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