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Mya Jan 9
If the opposite of depression
Is not happiness
But mania
Then the opposite of loving you
Is not hatred
But hysteria
Mya Dec 2018
What the ****
Am I to do
When everything
Comes back to you?

You leave me beaten
Like you do
Always my heart aching
Black and blue
Forever and always my love.
Mya Dec 2018
Let your heart rest easy
In the tender arms of moonlight
You'll be alright
At least for now
Mya Dec 2018
In your ash tray
Will remain long after
Evey other part of me has perished.
Into the flames we all will go and be left as ash in the end.
Mya Dec 2018
The taste of stale cigarettes
On her lips
Mixing with the stinging cherry
On my own
Is a flavor I'll probably never forget
Or trade for the world
Mya Dec 2018
You dont love her
For the flower she is.

You don't kiss evey petal
As tender as the breeze intended.

You don't prop her stem
Allowing her to grow tall and strong.

You love her
Like your next victim
-like the prey you think she is

You love her
By giving her the water she needs
-only to drown her in it

You love her
By plucking her from the ground
-and ending her beauty
And that's not how love is supposed to ******* be.
Mya Dec 2018
I can feel your love fading
And that's fine.
I always knew
This day would come.
I just never anticipated
That I could be replaced so quickly.
But I salute you for trying.
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