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Mya May 15
Trying to write this to you now is nearly impossible.
The pen becomes so heavy in my hand it makes my fingers ache.
Every word etched into the paper
feels like another bout of blasphemy nailed to our hearts.
If only love was as easy as faking smiles in passing glances.
Mya Jan 28
Remember when we would
fight so hard to be happy
Now its like
we don't know the meaning anymore
Mya Jan 27
Some people sit there
and just make excuses.
But not me.
No, not anymore.
I'm not making any more excuses.
I'm making progress
and I refuse to stop growing.
Mya May 2019
Hes not the love of my life
Hes just a lover tonight
Mya Apr 2019
As you rip out my throat
so I know you did it with passion

The rush will send my heart fluttering
and the rubies will pour down my hands

Death which comes from grace
is more like a dance
than a battle
So I will no longer fight you
Mya Apr 2019
Rose was left red
Violence isnt new
Drink that potion, kid
And they'll take you too
In a world of beauty, it's dangerous to overlook the mundane.
Mya Feb 2019
Why is it hard to catch a cigarette?
Because its impossible
When you chase one
After another
It's a filthy habit and an even more dangerous cycle.
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