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Dreams of Sepia Nov 2015
Inside this Cocoon of night
nu jazz plays competing
with Lana del Rey tracks
amidst the dim shadows
outside, the broken light
of stars & you ask
how foxes became urban
I do not know
maybe their wild soul
recognizes that like them, a city can't be tamed
entirely or maybe they're just lost
I do not know
Dreams of Sepia Nov 2015
Those afraid of someone's Darkness do not deserve their Light
Dreams of Sepia Nov 2015
A car is a coffin for popcorn
lost in the back seat

we've driven to Land's End
& are standing at the crossroads

between destinations
I'm twelve or fourteen, I can't remember

on holiday from starched uniforms
blazing red & pins & needles-ridden morning assemblies

I'm not yet a European
not yet a Third Culture Kid

longing for cans of baked beans
whilst sampling new delights

my heart is still intact,
my soul is full of hope & dreams

& my hair is long, the way
mother & society wanted it

the signpost is pointing to America
now my lost hope
Land's End is a place by the Sea in Cornwall, England & often visited as the Western most point of England & has a signpost there that tourists like to photograph themselves with, pointing to places like New York & saying the number of miles between it & England.
Dreams of Sepia Nov 2015
I guess the plan to sleep
never works,
Sugar ****
Dreams of Sepia Nov 2015
***** faced angels in leather
swinging off neon signs
inside my head
I wanna get on that highway
& drive to
the motel of lost hopes
retrieve my teenage dreams
with a broken bottle
get me to the USA
Californian beaches
Louisiana swamps
Beatnik bums
all the things
that have called to me
in my head
not like other little girls
I never played with dolls
always dreaming of playing with fire
on the long dusty road
spitting out ghost shrapnel of Iron curtain
barbed wire
& I got lost in a Berlin subway once
& dreamed
I was in New York
It's when you lose the possibility of fulfilling your dreams that you cling to them the most.
Dreams of Sepia Nov 2015
4 a.m rain, don't leave me now
we've got things to talk about
like how my clocks have stopped
& the loneliness of this heartbeat
& if you ever wish you were the sun instead
& if there is an afterlife
once human souls evaporate from the earth
& I know how the grey pavement glistens
under your touch, so let me keep
that beauty for a while longer
take a walk with me
let me dance to your drum's music
this unnaturally mild November
while the neighbors sleep
& the last leaves cling to the trees
dreaming of their bygone Springs
& Innocence
Dreams of Sepia Nov 2015
love, dreams, music, revenge, rock, leather, beer
& a certain actor's eyes
is all my head can think of
tired out from rocking out to New York dolls
& watching movies all night
& yes now it's getting light
I guess there's no point
going to bed
when you've long decided
sleep is for the dead
& while you're still here
you may as well
burn that candle
fan girl
put on that lipstick
bright red
& with nowhere to go
polish your bitten nails
as if something
still matters
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