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Clarity is the thing that I need,
and somehow it keeps running away from me,
It doesn't matter how many of your texts I read,
It still confuses me,

Furthermore, I go outside when I feel the need,
I let the rain fall upon my skin,
But I'm not wet,
Why the **** do I always overreact?!
Like I would have a chain around my neck!

That's what I tell myself,
But how can it calm me down,
When the rain that is supposed to be wet,
is dry when I think about how we met.
We will **** our way to heaven,
But if you don’t want us there,
It’s okay,
I will let the devil accept me the way I’m.
I was born on a cold, snowy day in October.
At the time I had no idea what life will bring.
And life brought indeed many things.
The first one that came to play was Sadness.
Sadness brought me to my knees many times.
The first time I encountered Sadness was when my parents got divorced.
I cried a lot.
I just couldn't get used to it.
Sadness saw me covered up in blankets and brought his siblings to join the game.
Their names were Stress, Bullying, Depression and Agony.
I got picked on a lot for being different.
For being me.
I'm thankful for these experiences though.
Maybe you're wondering why.
It made me stronger!

There are good and happy memories as well.
But the bad ones are overweighing.
But I don't mind.
I learned to leave happy shows behind.
Dead to the sense of every joy.
That's how I became a melancholy boy.
Sitting on the bed in our hotel room,
Safe in our own love and the gentle gloom,
We’re talking and listening to some pleasant music,
Drinking wine and laughing,
The situation was somewhat confusing,
You started kissing me and I spilled the wine on the sheets,
I didn’t care and neither did you,
Because your kiss is the only thing that helps me find peace,
From one corner to the other one,
I’m not afraid that you will run,
Not anymore.
I’m standing on the platform,
I should’ve never let you go,
I miss your warmth,
I die as fast as you’ve seen me grow.

Silent, blind and slow,
I still see you go,
Here today, gone tomorrow,
You were my morning rain,
And I was your night snow.

Even with the sun gone,
You were my light through it all.
Let me say my last goodbye,
So I don’t have to be covered up in blankets,
And look like a sad snowball.
It’s forbidden to feel what I feel,
But only by love is life made real,
The world was never designed for me,
But somehow,
I’m still here.
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