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Gabriel burnS Apr 2018
Sadists, aren’t we all… abusing that for which we fall…
The way that I’m obsessed… with the fabric of your dress
Although it doesn’t feel as good… as tender skin beneath it would
So it deserves the claws… and lacerated ribbons’ flow…
Of all the fingers, it’s the thumb… that sees the broadest, like the sun
Runs in circles on those knees… the sweet of you I love to read
Yet passion thrives on sacrifice… with aftermaths of melting ice
To treat the paintings on your skin… which lust, in trance, would blindly leave
Like every coin, there are two sides… and truth is tasting both in life…
The things that we adore… our hunger paints in gore
And now you’re in the palms… their lips brush off the calm…
The sinking of the teeth… the flavor underneath...
They say...well...I say, say they, and so I relay to you,
That those with passion lose a certain ability to be true,
For they are too brash, too close to see,
And too excited to be able to read,
And too was my stance on the matter 'till now,
I admit I mocked them quite aloud,
And I tried to erase all emotion from this sot,
And, thank God, I seemed to have missed a spot.
For facts are not cold, and until you can touch them,
Many cannot sense the fiery passion at their stem.

Do not mis-strew my words, however, there are those who misuse,
Passion is a aptly named a fire, for like such there is control to lose,
But as with most, moderation is a steady guide,
And after then, but until now, my emotions I did not hide.

As I am now, reluctant to show heat,
Because as I do I can feel others', mine, meet,
Burning, melding, combining the two,
And then the pain of their death, to say adieu...

Well that was fun, but the real world is not for me,
Time to retract into anonymity,
"Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all." or so I’m told,
However from my own experience, that phrase loses its potency, and quickly is cold.
For each face I’ve grown with I cannot but see their bones smiling at me through the flesh,
Smiling of their eventual victory over their fine human mesh,
I see the dripping paste of man melting off each white core,
Until my dearests... and my deepests... are no more.

RoKu Jun 2013
Who can stay away from the Ultimate energy
If he is always surrounding life like air
He is the continuous "positive happenings" that molding
our paths...
Who can stay away from him
If the light as one of his manifestations
never forgets and gives up to brighten the morning...
Calling every creature
to celebrate the new beginning...

My soul said:
"I will definitely give up my thoughts about the magic wand..."

— The End —