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RoKu Jun 2015 noon cafe, we may hold hands together for a while
but love chemical is so strong
glues both hearts forever...

happy to find it's irresistible...
RoKu May 2015
want to delight
two minds and hearts
call-up Angels,
Darda'il to protect
Seraphim to cherish
Raphael to heal
Uriel to guide
you & i
all the ways
let the supremacy of Sandalphon
naturally meet up both hearts
grant unlimited blessings
for incredible love, health, and prosperity
beyond reasons of minds
because chaste hearts and minds
are in an amalgam body and spirit
you & i
RoKu May 2015
in love at first sight
then life changes
moon brighter at night
delightful starry night
fireflies dance splendorous  
make flashes of light
and the only thing I know
heaven turns into motion
a bliss paradise
quietly fills the heart
and then thrill mind searches
stretches to hold
like thousand hands
to embrace the invisible...
yet again,
in love at first sight
deepest soul tells
this is an enchanting insomnia
a clear delightful starry night
a bliss paradise that fills the heart
are not imagination
thus, I have now is to believe in you...
RoKu May 2015 you at noon cafe
touch gently, heart beating
your body closes mine
a special little kiss, surreal, so right
swathe shy both hearts
enfold you in  my arms
my imagination is unfettered
from the laws of logic
magic rain changes to sun
mountains and oceans dance together
that feeling inside
like stars shine
and moon glows at noon
mind begins to swim
heart still beating
inside, I say:
you're all mine
I can call my own
with and without reasons
logic is unreign
promise tomorrow is at now
RoKu Nov 2013
Stirring morning
Open eyes then feel… open ear starts to listen… open mind learn humbly to think and to grasp… open heart with passion to feel… (Continue quietly breathing in and out)… "What that feel deep inside?"
Sensing and intuiting, searching  with all feeling and wits, while heart and mind still clear and unblemished.
Attempting to fly off into the morning wild blue yonder. Once again, no ponder souls' supposing… only relinquish… go beneath the core of being human: "What that feel deep inside me?"
At the culmination, golden morning rays teach, to experience  the surrounds as they are, as gold as they are naked… as warmth as they should be… allow diminishing self-image first to be humble… then I might cloth being in the present and be a friend with I am who I am…
"What that feel deep inside me?"
And I know…
There will be…
RoKu Sep 2013
The Sun will soon kiss the dew... Making all beings tremble in the presence of Love...
Heart and mind trembling:
"For what is the purpose of Beings?...
Except to feel & to journey faithfully One's Love..."
RoKu Jun 2013
Who can stay away from the Ultimate energy
If he is always surrounding life like air
He is the continuous "positive happenings" that molding
our paths...
Who can stay away from him
If the light as one of his manifestations
never forgets and gives up to brighten the morning...
Calling every creature
to celebrate the new beginning...

My soul said:
"I will definitely give up my thoughts about the magic wand..."
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