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Prague , Czech    Someone said useless words in useful world.
Luna lunatic
My own world    I'm fine
South Africa    Poetry is just what I do on my spare time


st64  Mar 2013
Lunatic Plea
st64 Mar 2013
Lunatic calling....... Earthling.........

Yes, you...fool..... tiny Earthling!
Wake up, you intractable iota of pulp
I watch you on your little planet, with relish
Playing depraved games on your spiritless  ilk.

I inhabit a moon much larger than your scrap of sand
You already appear so infinitesimally  small
When seen with a magnifier, from this innocuous distance
But now, you're even less than a speck of dust.

Seemingly important, you prance and preen and strut
Your feathers ruffling so easily, I do note
Look how you fret your heartstrings and gnaw away
And I didn't get to say that much....yet!

But fear not: collide with each other, we will not
For conversing amiably with my solar sibling, I've pled
To wield its forte and rein out all magnetic fields
So's we never make acquaintance of regret.

See how bloated and full of yourselves you have all become
Feeding on yourselves, sick with bilious envy
Scurrying like ants, at least THEY know better
For when you reach inside you, there ain't too much of note!

You try aimlessly to prove your dull existence
By crawling all wild-like and filling up the gaps meant for silence
Instead, you leave gruesome tracts of rotating noise
I constantly quake at the revolting  mess on Earth.

Scamper along now, as you are wont to do, brain-scooper
You can hardly hold still a thought in mind
You seek and ferret out answers not meant for your likes
Soon you will sever and break up into little pieces insects love!

You think that what you do, is so gripping
But don't you know we're all varying on the same theme
Roll up the deified curtain and you might find
Everything's an inflated rerun of what passed before.

So, even here on this jaunty moon where I live
I'd rather you not join me in my solitary abode
This lunatic prefers the osculating of kind craters
And communing in the solace of orchestral stones.

You delude yourself with ludicrous ideas
That you have the swell of sultry oceans at your disposal
All tied to deceptive spider-like strings, kited fraudulently in your hand
Hoping to catch that salty surge and drift away.....

My scathing  job perchance, is to spot that pattern of power
And when Eros comes rolling in on that mighty tide
I plan and do my best to make you fail spectacularly
Oh, to climb on and ride that sweet wave for all it's worth!

There is nothing to lose, cos you have nothing!
But your acquisitive nature lets you think you do
Yes, go and ape your latest hobby: quickly run to your house
Check that  no-one has stolen the dust from your gate!

Temporary custodians of that rock, is all you are.
But you......You're absurdly afraid to lose what isn't.
Tiers of neglect show how little you learn of what's around you
Hello, look up.......please. Do you see me? Oh, you do.

Well, well now ! Grand planes and happy steaks to you!
Two swell ticks bestowed on you......for neatness.
But even as I study and decimate your paltry existence
Turning, I'm growing painfully aware of three eyes on me.......

Hey, hang on.....wait, wait,!
Lunatic calling....... Earthling.........

Lunatic calling......dear Earthling.........

Star Toucher,  10 March 2013
Slightly older one by me, written in Jan this year and posted on another site under another alter-name...
Now that I look at the piece, its theme and content, I'm much reminded of that fab film 'Horton hears a who(o?)'.....despite content not quite similar, it could resonate a bit, I think.
Go figure, humans!
Akira Chinen May 2016
In my dreams I am still holding
Your picture
Unable to break away
Even in sleep
Still falling
Still fallen
Lunatic love
For you
As my eyes peel open
To a new day
A new day
A tomorrow
Spilling from the
Touch of your voice
Your spirit
Your heart
Your darkness
Your doubts
Your demons
Your hope
Your dreams
Your everything
My reflection eagerly waiting
To greet me
To show me
How beautiful
You have made my life
With each passing moment
Giving me more
And more
Lunatic love
Happy tears
Raining over my soul
Washing away the emptiness
And darkness
And yesterdays away
You are the song
You are the blood
You are the pounding
Of my heart
My heart pounding
So hard it feels
Ready to explode
Into a million tiny fragments
Only to then grow into
A million more hearts
All singing
All dreaming
All pounding
Lunatic love
For you
My heart
My reflection
My hopes
My dreams
All throughout the day
All throughout the night
While sleeping and awake
They are all shouting
And whispering
And mumbling
And howling
To the moon
Of how
Lunatic love
I am in
With you
hazem al jaber Jan 2017
lunatic night ...

how beautiful that night ...
wonderful crazy night ...
spent together ...
me and you ...
into our theater's bed
between candles ..
and it's crazy blaze ...
danced as our bodies did ...

naked blaze ...
naked bodies...
got hottest ...
with no shame ...
with no mind ...
with only desires ...
to make it's love ...
through a cray night ...
got all what asked for ...
no matter how it did ...
only wanted what it needs...
on the heart's beat ...
with a dancing bodies...
through it desires...
got madly lunatic night ...
me and you ...
and our bodies...
one asked the other ...
to give a craziness ...
with no stop ...
to get off that hunger ...
which we missed from so long ...
to get our sweet ****** ...
while we danced into our bed ...
there where we got that lunatic night ...

yes sweetheart ..
it's our crazy night ...
that never ever to forget ...

do you still remember ..
that crazy night ...

let's get back again ...
that crazy night ...
again ...

hazem al ...