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Rashmi Sep 2020
Standing in front of the mirror,
I always try to look sober,
When precisely I'm losing my consciousness,
Only the mirror knows.
I feel my surrounding falling apart,
When I start looking into my eyes.
I saw a child, as the tears start rolling down!
A smile she gave and shattered my dreadful memories.
She is the one who adheres to my thoughts,
Looking back to myself makes me frightened more.
I'm standing in front of the mirror,
Just wiping the tears slipped from the shore.
Nostalgic feeling
Rashmi Aug 2020
Eyes wide open, Let me close it for a while.
Sitting on a chair, I never felt so fright.
Dwelling into my thoughts, I feel so caged.
Soreness in my eyes, do I need a cure?
Opt to close it, with moist eyes.
It will hunt me down, I whispered inside my mind.
My time has begin, Now I'm in this dimension.
This torment Yes!, I need to suffer.
It feels so real, when it's so unreal.
I can't decide, how long it will occur.
My eyes are closed, I don't know when it will open!
Rashmi Oct 2018
She is trapped inside her MIND,
But people think, she is BLIND,

She looks CRAZY,
But might be your eyes are little HAZY,

She never loved to LIE,
But this world's perceptions, WHY?

She looks to SKY,
But she never get any trusted Star to say"HI"!

She loves those eyes, which speaks the MOST,
But she never believed those words which make her ROAST,

Her Soul is only this body's HOST,
Now it's feels like the Soul is FROST.
Rashmi Oct 2018
Whatever I want to say in real went wrong everytime....
The gap between my heart and my mind never gonna combine...
Those eyes which seems magical, if they have any real thrill?
That mind which I love the most, Can I get a chance to see it's coast?
Trust which I built a long time ago, do i show it everytime to make you roast?
Yes, I feel jealous when I see the ducks around you,
"Sorry" ain't the word I want to listen but your heart beats,
I love to stay quiet when it's only your babel,
"Self-respect" I know what it means, but is it necessary everytime to scream?
Do I need to say things to prove everything?
Or your mind is enough to read the unspoken words.
Rashmi Sep 2018
Now, You are watching his post,
But you are just like a ghost,
You liked him,
But it was only a best friend bond,
It's been a while,
You didn't say even a "hi",
You Afraid,
Because it hurts,
You just pray, he gets the better,
You want him smile,
But You destroyed him,
You know you were selfish,
But it wasn't your mistake,
He was important,
But only in 'Past',
You were not wrong,
because you never get feelings like him,
He ended the chapter of "Best Friends"
Now, you are watching his post,
But you are just a ghost.

— The End —