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Van Xuan Jul 16
When a man learns to love,
He must bear the risk of hatred.
But is anyone willing to risk being hated just to save him?

I guess not
Not when the person you're saving
Doesn't want to be saved.


There are some foolish enough
To save that person.
I am one of those fools.
Better be fool than watching someone suffer.
Van Xuan Jun 30
As my mind slowly burns her out of my existence

My heart stubbornly protecting her with everything he got

Just to remind my mind that

She was once I called home
A home I used to find peace
One desperate attempt
Van Xuan Jun 22
As I reached out to you.
I spilled the words of my heart
Frustrations, anger, disappointments
And then  I felt pain.

A Desperation of a hopeless struggle

And then I feel disgusted.
Emptiness, helplessness, despair
I drank the words of my heart
As I stare at the empty wall
Van Xuan Jul 2022
"It's so noisy"
I whispered as I watch my friends eat dinner in the table again.
the only family I cherish.
they gave me peace when I'm in pain
they saved me when I feel ******.
but things have changed
I fail to save them
they are the only thing I have
how come it comes down to this?
I whispered as I stare at an empty table.
"It's so noisy"
read it from bottom to top again
Van Xuan Jun 2022
niingon ka ganahan ka sa adlaw
pero nagpalandong ka sa ilawm na punoan

niingon ka ganahan ka sa hangin
pero imong gi sirad an ang bintana pag agi sa hangin

niingon ka ganahan ka sa ulan
pero nag payong ka pag bunok sa uwan

nakulbaan ko pag ingon nimo
ganahan ka nako

mubiya naba ka nako?
An English piece that I heard from one of my friends and I just translate it to cebuano literature
Van Xuan Jun 2022
in just 30 mins
i hear her voice
see her face
touch her hands
the heat of her embrace
yet I feel nothing
we can now properly talk like normal people
and the best part of it is
i feel relieved
because I am now sure
that the woman I'm with right now
is the one that I want to be
for the rest of my life.
3 years since I made the poetry 40 minutes. Now I am sure that I already moved on from her.
Van Xuan May 2022
I cared for you since day 1
You never knew me
Yet I gave everything I got
Just for you to be happy.

I am just waiting here
Ready to support you
Anytime you need me

But then you love someone else
An adversary that I'm helpless with
Time to give up

For the first time and the last time
I just want you to know
The only reminder I can give to you

"Usted siempre sera mi siempre"
"You will forever be my always"
Full version of the poetry Final words.
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