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Van Xuan Jun 2
They say people come and go
It is the normal way of life
But for me that is not the case

Too many people rely on me
As their mental and moral support
As their final refuge of being sane

Being left behind feels suffocating
Where my world feels numb
Struggling to keep myself sane

They are my source of refuge
They are my only salvation
They are the ones who keep me sane

If one of them left because of me
If one of them lost because of me
The fault is on me

A trauma for the rest of my life
When I need to act normal for the people who still needs my help but I'm dying inside
Van Xuan May 30
When I desperately want to save her
Yet the only thing I can do
Is to let her go
Wiping my tears of being a failure
Heart is empty just like the time I lost someone important
Van Xuan May 29
We all have our devils in us
But nobody want to admit it openly
Because one can be seen as a monster
To the eyes of the people around us
I'm nothing but a monster to the people around me
Van Xuan May 29
I feel the filth within myself
When I saw her fixing herself
From the damage that I've done

The emptiness that I gave to her
Is the same as the one who left me
I become the person I wish to avoid
When I become someone I hate I can feel the filth within myself
Van Xuan Apr 2
When the pain is still there
Slowly eating away my humanity
Words of comfort in my mind
Doesn't reflect the way I write

Numbing my heart
Hiding under my blanket
Forcing myself to write
Hoping to fix myself
Van Xuan Mar 22
This is where I mislead people
Of how broken I am
By putting an act
That I'm very happy
Just like the smiling photos seen in your timeline
I don't need others pity thus I need to do this
Van Xuan Mar 16
You believe that I am fine
But even myself didn't know
That my tears starts falling
Even though I'm smiling
My soul recognise that I'm not fine
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