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Van Xuan Oct 15
The only reason
Why I can't sleep at night
Is because of you

The girl who left me behind
I feel restless everytime this mood hits me
Van Xuan Oct 13
What if

What is she won't talk to me anymore
What if I'm just her past time
What if she will leave me

What if I just played her feelings
What if I'll left her behind
What if I'm tired of her

What if
What if

***** what ifs
I'm **** afraid
But I must face it IF it will happen
Van Xuan Sep 15
Is the only thing I wish
Yet can never be granted

A foolish decision
Which I never regret

It is like driving on an empty road
Crazily speeding towards you

The thrill of my life
Rainy thoughts
Van Xuan Jul 31
They said silent means yes
But why it is deafening
When I ask her
Do you love me?
Van Xuan Jul 27
It's been a couple of months
Since I stopped writing
In those months I felt empty
But I don't really seems to care
Like a wasteland without life

I don't really want to write
But it cost me greatly
I almost lost myself
Thus I start writing again
Under this rain

I let myself pour all the emptiness
Inside my heart
When writing makes me feel better
Van Xuan Jul 24
I lost someone dear to me

It happened so fast that I can't react
My mind can't process it
I can't feel anything
And then..

Reality hits me hard

I can't breathe
I want to go home
I want to die
My world stop spinning
I want to quit
I can't move on

But I don't want to give up
I struggled hard
I fight to live every day
I am healing
I want to be strong
So that when the time comes
When I face that person once again
I can say it pride

I am a survivor
Thank you for your guidance
A small tribute for those who survived this difficult situation in life
Van Xuan Jun 10
It's raining again

It's always like this
Every time rain starts
My mood starts to plummet

As the rain drops on the ground
It echoes loudly
On my hollow heart
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