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Bill Johnston Apr 25
You have an odor,
but not one
you believe it is.

Revised version:
You have an odor,
but it is
not what you believe.
TW Feb 15
Hello, it's me again,
I'm about to shift the sea again,
And right now, I just need to vent,
If I put it in a letter, would you read it then?

I'm trying to make you notice me, that's why I shake and crash the seas,
Call it misguided, but you could never call it apathy,
Baby just come back to me and we can live a happily-ever-after,
Until we leave a crater of stardust,
Mapping out your patterns of apogees, and trajectory,
I know you follow him, but I'll never let it get to me,
I believe in destiny, we're meant to reconnect someday,
We ought to be together, so I'll always set an extra place,
I'll orbit you forever like a ship in a whirlpool,
I've been with outer space, need a bit of the Earth too.
A valentine from the moon to the Earth
Fiel Aug 2018
As the sun dips through the sea
The darkness starts dancing in the night
The moon once again took the spotlight
As the stars sways by its side

But all of this will not long
For the glorious sun will take its throne
It will stroke its ray through vast unknown
And the cycle goes on and on
Donna Sep 2017
Pretty butterflies
Fill summer
With beautiful dreams
Love butterflies x
Donna Jul 2017
A cute butterfly
Flutters by
Enjoying summer
Donna Jul 2017
Kindness of blue sky
Makes the world
Seem less miserable
Donna Jul 2017
Diamanté raindrops
Fall to earth
Glistening like stars
Raindrops x
Donna Jul 2017
Seagulls flying by
Morning yawns
to a brand new day
First thing I heard when I woke this morn was seagulls :)
Donna Jul 2017
one cup of coffee
when dawn breaks
and we are now friends
My first attempt at a lune , hope I getting the drift of them , thanks James I super love them already :-)
subpar star May 2016
the universe made us for each other i think, kindred spirits, connected always, but somewhere along the line, something went wrong. our timing was off. you were the sun and i was the moon, stuck for an eternity it seemed, always searching for each other in a vacated sky. i couldn't make you stay because i didn't know how. what could i offer you besides these messy fragments of myself? you know you belong in my orbit, deep down, you know that. but you're caught up in her, she is your universe now, and im left to wander this wasteland that is all that remains of us, and of me.
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